Meet The Artist


I come from China, where the rich tradition in visual arts extends back centuries. There, I studied art and landscape design and later worked for years as a landscape designer.

When I moved to New York City, I discovered the joys of jewelry making. I found designing and creating jewelry pieces tremendously fulfilling – allowing me to combine my artistic skills with my passion for hands-on craftsmanship.

I discovered the Native American Culture on a vacation to Page, Arizona, and was immediately hooked. I explored the rich crafting tradition of the native Indians and soaked in its significance. I met an incredibly talented artist and silversmith that offered to teach me the basics of custom jewelry design and making. I realized I found my true calling – this is what I wanted to do with my life!

The major inspiration for creations in Fang Jewelry is derived from Navajo traditions.

Before crafting any piece, I conduct deep research – poring over slides, books, sketches, and photographic studies. Then, when I am able to fix upon an idea, I carve a model from special jeweler’s wax, using jewelry tools like hammer, chisel and other fine instruments.

It’s hard work and needs a lot of focus, but it is here that I find my artistic fulfillment. I love the journey from one minute to next in the jewelry creation process – and as the final piece is revealed, all the hard work truly pays off!

It has been a truly amazing career, and I feel blessed to do what I love to do.