Handmade Jewelry: The Arrow Meaning

Native American’s main form of communication was through history, thoughts, ideas, and dreams. With that, symbols and signs, like arrows, played a major role in how they were expressed. The arrow meaning amongst Native American culture vary from tribe to tribe and to understand the meaning, we have it here for you.

Arrow Ring

The Arrow – A Necessity

The arrow was an important necessity within the Native American lifestyle because it served as a survival tool. It was a simple tool but allowed people to hunt and gather food, clothes, and tools. Also, it served as a weapon during battles.

Arrow Usage

As mentioned earlier, it was a tool that helped the Native Americans survive. Arrows can be seen on various indigenous objects like teepees, clothes, instruments and also done on tattoos.

Silver Arrow Pendant

Arrow Meaning

In general, the arrow symbolizes various human fundamental values. It represents harmony, conflict, progress and many other things that are relatable.

Arrows are a popular symbol within Native American culture but it symbolizes different things depending on the design.

Single Arrow Point to the Right

A single arrow means the general significance which is protection and defense. It can also mean direction, force, and movement. When it is pointed to the left, it is warding off evil and pointing down or broken, is a signal of peace.

Crossed Arrows

When two arrows are crossed, it represents the friendship between people.

Bundle of Five Arrows

Each arrow in the bundle represented one of the five founding tribes in the Iroquois League. The bundle of arrows shows strength and unity. A single arrow is easy to break but trying to break five is much more powerful.

Feather Arrows

Feathers placed on the shaft of an arrow symbolizes unity, triumph, and independence.

Two Arrows Pointing Opposite Directions

These arrows symbolized war or conflict.


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