Different Types of Chains

The chain of a necklace plays a significant role in how its pendants will be displayed. Each chain has a specific essence about it which impacts the style you are trying to portray. At Fang Jewelry, we have necklaces of various styles depending on which works best with the details. Below, you will understand the multiple types of chains available.

Types of Chains

As mentioned, there are different types of chains available at Fang Jewelry. Depending on the chain, each one serves a different purpose and all have a different effect on the wearer.

1. Rolo or Belcher

This type of chain consists of oval interlocking links that alternate at a 180 degree. Coming in various sizes, smaller chains are common amongst women while the chunkier and longer chains are usually used on men. The composition of round or oval links makes this chain perfect for hanging charms.

Plain Silver Chain

2. Bead or Ball

The ball chain is quite self-explanatory on its physical appearance. This chain has round beads placed along a chain, with either some distance in between each bead or close together with small spaces in-between. Ball chains are often used as with dog tag pendant but of course, are used with other types of pendants.

Silver Ball Chain

3. Curb

The curb is one of the classic designs amongst all other chains. It is flat with interlocking and identical links. With that, it is a popular choice, specifically with men since it is available with heavy and large links. Historically, the chain was usually made in this manner – large – since there was very little machinery and it was time-consuming. Now, smaller and more feminine chains are available which pairs well with pendants and diamond cuts.

Silver Bone Necklace

4. Figaro

The Figaro chain consists of flattened links that come in different sizes. Most of the time, it has two or three shorter linkers that alternate with a longer link. Originating in Italy, the Figaro link is commonly used by both men and women.

Boho Charm Necklace

5. Box

Instead of having round links, the box chain has square links which give it a “boxy” appearance. Women tend to wear the thinner version of the box chain and pair it with pendants while the thicker chain is ideally worn by men. Although, the thicker chain is a great statement piece for women.

Simple Silver Chain Necklace

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