Different Types of Rings for Men

There are a few problems men face when figuring out what jewelry to wear, especially rings. If men are not wearing a wedding ring then it is a statement piece that can be viewed as feminine. A societal issue. It can also be seen as trying to be a showoff since it a jewelry that is easily visible.

Since men rings are not the “norm” to wear, it takes a great amount of confidence for someone to style it. At Fang Jewelry, we have a large collection of men rings that will make you want to start a collection.

Silver Wing Ring

Type of Rings

Aside from our collection, these are a few rings that men can look into if he decides to start wearing the piece.

1. Family Rings

Family rings are quite self-explanatory. These rings hold great value as it has most likely been passed down through various generation. When it comes to the style of the ring, it all depends and can vary. These rings can be a simple band or it can have intricate detail. It can have a symbol or crest that represents that family’s heritage.

2. Religious and Cultural Rings

Wedding rings usually fall into this category because it happens during a religious ceremony. Majority of these rings are a simple band made of gold, silver or even titanium. But depending on the religion determines how a wedding ring might look and where it is the place – either the left or right hand.

These rings can also be a way to represent a culture. At Fang Jewelry, we dedicate the majority of our collection to the indigenous community which is far from simple.

Brushed Silver Ring

3. Affiliation Rings

Whether you graduated from university or are a part of a certain group, affiliation rings are common among men. These rings show that you are affiliated with a group that you are proud of. The ring often times is very detail-orientated and consist of personal information – most university rings do this.

Although it has lots of detail, it isn’t too overbearing. You can even add a gemstone to the ring to give it a pop of color.

4. Artistic Rings

For those who want to venture out and explore different types of rings, artistic rings are the way to go. These rings aren’t necessarily for artists but anyone who wants to make a statement.

Artistic rings are rings that are ideal to add to any simple outfit because it will add life to it. They are usually much bolder in style and chunkier in size. Also, don’t be afraid to wear this ring on different rings like the pinky or index finger.

Silver Eagle Ring

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