Halloween Collection: Skulls

At Fang Jewelry, we are known for our indigenous collections but have expanded our collection to different focuses. We have created unique pieces that have an edgier feel and is perfect for the upcoming holiday of Halloween.

Silver Skull Pendant

Skull Collection

There is a variety of pieces that have skulls on it. Whether you want to wear them around your neck, fingers or wrist – there is a piece meant for you.

All of the pieces are made of sterling silver which is an easy alloy to take care of. This metal requires little maintenance which makes it easier for you. Since sterling silver is a durable metal, you would not need to worry much about it breaking. The mixture of silver and other metals allows it to withstand much usage.

Skull Rings

The majority of our skull collection consists of rings where you can find different styles to your liking. There are biker rings, punk rings and gothic rings you can choose from. Additionally, you can also choose to have a few oxidized to create an edgier and vintage look or have the classic shiny sterling silver look to it.

Some of the rings have a classic look that just consists of skulls. You can choose from double skulls or just one if you want a simpler look. On the other hand, there is one ring that can complete any edgy look and has a complete biker essence to it. The silver skull ring has a skull and combines features from our WW2 Pilot Ring.

Silver Skull Ring

Skull Necklace

For our necklaces, you have the option of going for a gothic or indigenous look. This is the only pieces where you can choose from these types.

The gothic skull necklace is a clean silver chain necklace that has a skull and a bone pendant attached to it. The necklace is the perfect pirate-themed piece if you’re looking to complete that costume.

On the other hand, you have the indigenous piece that is much more vibrant than any other piece. It is decorated with various indigenous pendants like arrows and feathers. The reason it is vibrant is because of the chain. Instead of it being just plain and simple, it is a multi-colored beaded necklace.

Deer Leather Necklace

Skull Earrings

These skull earrings will instantly catch anyone’s attention. The bold skull will show your mischievous essence or even your dark side.

The best part is for those who just want one earring, you can order a single earring.

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