Handmade Jewelry: The Cross

When seeing a cross, many immediate assimilate it to religion. That is because Catholicism uses it as an important symbol of its religion. What many fail to realize is many other cultures, like the indigenous culture, use it as a symbol for other purposes. Depending on the tribe, its significance varies. Before heading to our website to buy Native American inspired crosses, here are the meanings behind the symbol.

The Cross

Native Americans were spiritual people who told their history, thoughts, ideas, and dreams from generation to generation. Thus, the manner in which they told their stories were with symbols and signs like the cross. The symbol itself is easy to depict on any material, and it is usually combined with other symbols to create different meanings. Nevertheless, with each tribe, there is a different significance. Also, depending on how it is depicted determines its meaning.

The Cross and the Mound Builders

The origin of the symbol comes from the ancient Mississippian culture of the Mound Builders of North America.  For the Mississippian Mound Builders, it is a symbol for the worldview of the division of order between the Underworld, Middleworld (Earth) and the Upper world (Heaven).

Silver Cross Pendant

The Solar Cross

As a representation of the four elements, it is notably used in the Hopi community. It is seen as a cross inside a circle.

The cross’s four bars symbolize north, south-east, and west. Additionally, the elements are represented as the four great primary forces or the Sacred Four. The four primary sources are shown as stemming from the Creator and are depicted in the “Solar Cross”. As a result, it is a representation of the first four tribes of mankind.

Simple Silver Chain




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