Handmade Silver Jewelry: Creative Process

Handmade silver jewelry goes through a long and creative process. Fang Jewelry creates some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of silver handmade jewelry. Inspired by the Native Americans.


For all curious souls out there, this is how the creative process of handmade jewelry looks like. Fang Jewelry studio is located in New York City and the talented artist Liang Fang devotedly works on creating original pieces of silver jewelry.


A handmade silver jewelry goes through a long way before it becomes a lovely piece of silver feather pendant or a necklace. This is how it looks during the carving process. It is just a simple silver bar that slowly turns into something that resembles a feather. With the manual tools and the talented hands of the artist, the silver bar slowly changes its shape. This is called the carving process. Every millimeter is important, that is why Fang Jewelry looks so realistic.

The carving process in its first phase looks like this. It resembles a fossil, but soon Fang will create a magnificent piece of art. The silver bar is carved in the feather shape and every piece of it is done slowly and with great discipline.

From a simple “drawing” carved directly on the silver bar to an actual feather shape. It may seem easy but it takes much more work than you can imagine. Before Fang continues with the further process, the feather shape must be cut off.

Fang spends hours and hours on his work. Carving, cutting, shaping, adjusting… Everything is done with love. Handmade jewelry is so special because it contains human energy, time and dedication. Fang’s jewelry uniqueness speaks for itself.

A simple silver bar on the way to become a lovely piece of a large necklace, a ring or a bracelet. As a result to his hard work and dedication to his work, Fang slowly becomes a recognizable name on the market and among people who appreciate handmade silver jewelry inspired by the Native American culture.

After the long carving and cutting process, the final product looks like this. People who proudly wear Fang Jewelry know for sure that they have a unique piece created with a lot of love and devotion.

Now you know that all your favorite pieces of silver handmade jewelry you check on Fang’s Etsy Store are going through a long creative process. From a simple silver bar to a lovely final product. Fang Jewelry creates all his items by hand. Check out Fang’s Etsy store for more – https://www.etsy.com/shop/fangjewelrystudio




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