Jewelry Statement: What Your Jewelry Says About You?

Jewelry statement or the way you represent yourself to the world.

Did you know that you jewelry speaks for your personality?

You may not believe this, but jewelry may give away more than you can imagine. Your jewelry will make a statement whether you are aware of it or not.

Jewelry statement is not a new thing. Did you know that in the past people started wearing jewelry for many different reasons such as attracting mates, social status or accenting certain parts of the body.

Today things may not be drastically changed. Jewelry is still accenting women’s necks, chest, ears or hands and still gives away people’s social status. However, jewelry is not only worn as a decoration.

“Jewelry statement” is something you hear a lot lately. Large necklaces, colorful earrings, bold bangles and mega rings… But what does it mean when you pick any of these items to wear? What each peace says about you? Did you know that delicate jewelry make equally big statement just as any big and sparkly accessory?


Beaded bracelets – Gentle, feminine and classy, beaded bracelets are picked by soft and subtle ladies who love minimalism. Also, people who are spiritual will always pick these types of jewelry. Fang Jewelry Studio makes this type of custom jewelry. Now your bangles can have pendants that represent your personality; and what is a better statement jewelry than the one that has your preferred materials, shapes and gems?


Bangles – Big, noticeable and bold, bangles are often picked by people who love the spotlight and enjoy getting attention without even doing anything. Their jewelry usually speak for themselves. These types of bangles can be an ideal accessory for your business outfit as well as for your night outfits.


Delicate rings – Women who love subtle jewelry are usually sentimental and wear pieces that have emotional value. Less is more for them. Sometimes gentle pieces of jewelry can speak as loud as the sparkly and big one. Fang Jewelry Studio creates both delicate and bold statement jewelry, making sure anyone can find what they are looking for.


Statement necklaces -This is the choice of minimalists at heart, who would not accept more than one piece of jewelry on them. Usually they pick something noticeable such as one big and colorful necklace.


Handmade jewelry – People who love be unique and notices will always pick something hand crafted. They value hard work and originality. Handmade jewelry represents their artistic side but also their love for valuable things that last. Statement jewelry for most people is a synonym for handmade jewelry. It is amazing that handmade jewelry can make any outfit look stylish; whether you combine it with a simple white t-shirt and jeans or a little black dress.


All of the handmade statement jewelry in this post is right here Fang Jewelry Studio


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