Lapis Lazuli: The Gemstone Collection

As one of the most sought over gemstones, Fang Jewelry has incorporated the lapis lazuli in its gemstone collection. The vibrant blue color is the perfect contrast against our silver rings and creates a bohemian and carefree vibe for any outfit. Before discussing our collection, there’s a reason why the lapis lazuli is the most sought over the ring which we will discuss.

Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

It’s obvious why the gemstone was highly valued in ancient times – the color. The deep blue color is a symbol of royalty, honor, spirit, vision, gods, and power. Additionally, the gemstone is a symbol of wisdom and truth.

History in Different Societies

In Egypt, the gemstone was highly prized and was often used in various jewelry, as a color dye when grounded and used in healing elixirs.

The vibrant color of the gemstone established many symbols in different societies. In ancient Persia and the pre-Columbian era, the gemstone signified the starry night. During the medieval ages in Europe, the gemstone symbolized the heavens and keep away spirits of darkness.

On the other hand, Buddhists found the gemstone to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts.

Uses of Lapis Lazuli

Just as the gemstone is one of the most wanted stones, it is also a powerful crystal. It has the ability to activate your higher mind and improving intellectual ability. Also, it is known to improve memory. Aside from that, it prompts the desire for knowledge, truth and guides the process of learning.

Lapis Lazuli Collection

At Fang Jewelry, we have created various pieces that consist of the highly prized gemstone. You can find different jewelry pieces suitable to your liking from pendants to rings.

The gemstone looks perfect on our rings as it has the ability to catch anyone’s attention. We also have a perfect pair of earrings that have the perfect touch of vibrant blue. If earrings or rings aren’t in your favor, there are bangles and pendants you can attach to your necklace.

What you are looking for, we have.



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