Tips to Stacking Bracelets

Jewelry has always been a way for people to express their sense of style. The trend of stacking bracelets has been common amongst the fashion world but it must be done carefully. One must be very aware when it comes to stacking bracelets because it can look over-done and messy. At Fang Jewelry, we offer the perfect bracelets to add onto your wrist but we are going to give you some tips beforehand.

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Tips to Stacking Bracelets

Stacking is in, especially when it comes to jewelry. Bracelets, to be specific, are the perfect accessories to practice your stacking skills and if you are a bit hesitant on trying it – here are some tips for you.

Choosing a Focal Point

When it comes to stacking bracelets, you must take into consideration that you are choosing one piece to be a focal point. This could be a watch, a colorful bracelet, a bracelet of a different material or any type of bracelet that is different from the rest.

You must pick one bracelet and the easiest way to do so if by choosing your favorite one or one that matches the most with your outfit. Once you choose that one piece, the other bracelets will highlight that one piece.

Mixing Materials

One of the main focuses on stacking is to mix different materials. To those who told you to only stack similar materials – you can throw that rule away. Mixing different materials and textures will give you accessories an interesting visualization and can boost your outfit.

Play with Different Sizes

It was mentioned that you must have a focal point amongst all the other bracelets. That is true but it doesn’t mean you are limited to the size of your other bracelets. You can add thin bracelets, bracelets of a thicker size and any other type. The important thing is that these other bracelets don’t overtake the focal point.

Experiment with Colors

Aside from using different sizes of bracelets, using various colors is a perfect way to grab anyone’s attention. The jewelry rule is one should always use the same color when wearing jewelry but when it comes to stacking – this rule isn’t necessarily followed. Many people stack different metals together, along with different material. From sterling silver to beads and leather.

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