In addition to buying handcrafted pieces from the Fang Jewelry Website or Fang Jewelry Studio on Etsy, you can also order custom pieces.

Every piece of jewelry – whether bought from the store or created on special orders – is crafted 100% by hands. As such, each piece will be different, and each piece will be unique.

Specially ordered items can be custom engraved – except when there is a limitation of space or design. We only offer English alphabets in caps, numbers, ❤, &, and (.) little dots. All letters will be of size 1/8″ (2mm).

When ordering a custom engraving, please specify if you like your custom engraving to be on the inside or the outside of your piece. Otherwise, we will use our design discretion for the location of the custom engraving.

We engrave our small branding logos and signs of material we use on each of our jewelry creations, whether the item is custom engraved or bought straight from the shop.

Sizing details

We offer ring size 3 to 15 with half sizes available. If you don’t see your ring size listed, please contact us. We might be able to provide an item in your size, IF the design permits.

In case you don’t know what your finger size is, you can buy a ring sizer from our Etsy shop. Use it to find your ring size, tell us, and we will know what to do!

If you are ordering a ring from OUTSIDE the US, please use this awesome ring size conversion chart.

Make sure you get your right size – check, and double-check. Please note that resizing can be very time-consuming. Return shipping costs and a resizing fee will be charged to the buyer.


We work with sterling silver, gold, brass, gemstones, etc. You can pick your own metal and gemstone to get the jewelry of your dreams. Due to the liability involved, we do NOT use customer supplied stones in our jewelry.

By default, the silver piece we deliver to you is in original silver color – it is designed to oxidize and wear with time. Some pieces can be oxidized UPON REQUEST, for those we use an oxidization process to darken the piece. On the brass and bronze, you may notice some black marks as the oxidization wears off, but this shouldn’t last forever.

Over time, silver, brass, and gold will naturally tarnish with exposure to air, chemicals, and oils in the skin. Pieces are best cleaned by using a jewelry polish cloth.

Gift Wrapping and Packaging

Our standard packaging is in Natural Kraft Jewelry Boxes, with a premium jewelry polish cloth. As such, they are ready for gifting!

You can also include a personalized message to the lucky recipient – write it in the ‘Notes to Seller’ section when checking out.

When ordering from our Etsy shop, you will be able to fill out a delivery address when checking out.

Oxidization FINISH

Oxidizing the jewelry pieces impart a tarnished and antique look. Some buyers may like it that way, and we are happy to honor such requests – completely FREE of charge. But please remember, oxidized pieces come out different every time, and may look different from what you saw in the picture.

By default, we deliver the silver jewelry pieces in the ‘original’ silver finish – it will anyway wear with time. We STRONGLY recommend to choose the original finish so you can enjoy the process of natural oxidation.