The Silver Snake: Our Wildlife Collection

One of the most prominent wildlife symbols used throughout Native American culture is the snake and our wildlife jewelry celebrates the silver snake with beautiful and trendy pieces.

However, the lore and legends go much deeper.

Snakes in Native American Culture

Many people see snakes as deadly creates which has given them a bad reputation.

Within various Native American tribes, there has been a positive significance. The snake has been a symbol of healing since their skin is constantly shedding, a form of rebirth in the Ojibwa tribe and fertility within the Pueblo tribe.

The Hopi tribe has a story where a winged Snake had the ability to communicate with the Earth element.

The story created an annual dance to honor the snake because it is seen as their “brothers” and are the guardians of springs. The Hopi tribe relies on the snake to bring rain from the underworld.

Snake Symbol

The presence of a snake can rattle anyone up. Its appearance is not the best but it’s where your instincts would be put to work.

Even though the appearance of a snake can end in a life or death situation, their significance will change your depiction of the creature.

In ancient times, snakes were seen as a symbol of life, change, and longevity but the most important one is personal growth.

Snakes are always shedding and that is a symbolic way to show the transformation in oneself. With that, snakes are a spiritual guide for renewal for evident reasons.

The Silver Snake: Our Wildlife Collection

Our wildlife collection has a variety of animals that have important and symbolic meanings within the Native American culture, as read above. Embrace their culture and symbolic meaning by wearing some of the jewelry we have.

The silver snake pieces can be worn to make any outfit edgier and are perfect for any occasion.

If you are a ring wear, you can sport either the Viper ring that will caress your finger, the double-banded Viper ring or the minimal Viper ring – which that’s perfect for couples.

There’s also the snake cuff or two pendants you can choose from the gothic cross or the bare snake.

But if you decide to steer away from the jewelry, there’s also a keychain that clasps around your belt or handles to make sure you never lose your keys.





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