Black Onyx: The Gemstone Collection

Black Onyx was a controversial stone in older civilization. The stone had a good and bad reputation but it eventually became appreciated for its powers and energy. In Native American culture, the black onyx calmed one throughout any storm. In that sense, the gemstone was able to bring stabilization with one self before any troubled moment.

Black Onyx History

The black onyx is an ancient stone that was used in different civilizations. It was known for its powerful energy and dark beauty. The gemstone was used during ceremonies, burials, scrying and as an amulet on swords, shields, and armors for warriors during battle.

The reason it was used during battles was that it took all negative energy and released mental stress and provide emotional wellness. It also enhanced the development of emotional and physical stamina and strength.

Black Onyx: “The Bad Luck Stone”

The black onyx was known as a strengthening stone but in some civilization, it was seen as bad luck. Due to its dark color, it was believed to invoke sadness, make one angry and make one have mood swings.

In China, many people feared the gemstone because of all the things it caused. Only slaves and menial laborers went mining for the black onyx when they had no other choice to make a living.

Black Onyx Energy

Physical Energy

The gemstone is known to improve functions of nerves and boost the sensory system, specifically those associated with the ears. It is also known to strengthen the immune system which provides stamina, the energy of the body and stops the chances of falling ill again.

Emotional Energy

The black onyx brings stability to emotions in the body. This allows the body to strengthen itself in difficult or confusing situations and during times of mental or physical stress.

The gemstone calms nervousness, stops anxiety and fear, controls tempers and reestablishes rational thinking.

Black Onyx Collection

In our collection, the black onyx gives an edgier feel to our pieces. This dark gemstone is bold and although it is dark, it catches the eye.

Allow this gemstone to give you the strength it provides on a ring, bracelet or on a pendant.