How to Care and Clean for Brass Jewelry

At Fang Jewelry, we put much emphasis on our silver and sterling silver jewelry but we do make jewelry with other metals. Brass is another type of metal we incorporate in our collections to add a warm color to certain pieces. Our brass jewelry has the perfect tints of gold, as it is a much cheaper alternative, but it does take some care.

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What is brass?

Brass is a metal where both copper and zinc have been combined. With brass, there are three different types: solid, plated and lacquered.


Solid brass is considered to be “true brass” where it has no additional metals or coating. Additionally, it is the best for traditional polishing compared to plated or lacquered. The other two require a bit more careful and sensitive approach.


When an item is brass-plated, it’s not brass at all. The piece is actually made of steel but has a thin coating of brass on the outside.


Lacquered brass is classified through a clear coating put on brass. Since most brass tends to oxidize quickly when it is exposed to air, some brass pieces are covered with a clear coating of lacquer to protect it thus, making it lacquered brass.

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Caring and Cleaning Brass Jewelry

With solid brass, it is much tougher than the other types of brass. Therefore, it just needs to be washed with soapy water, air-dried and then polished. When applying polish, a fair amount should be applied and spread with an absorbent rag. While buffing the polish out rapidly, it will create a surface difficult to smudge or discolor.

Since plated brass technically isn’t brass completely, one must be careful when caring and cleaning for it. When plated brass begins to tarnish, the rust is mainly due to the steel beneath. One thing to not do is polish the brass for it could take off the brass.

The most convenient way to go about restoring plated brass is to gently wipe the rusty areas with soap, water, and a soft cloth. For a stronger effect, you can use dish soap. If that does not work, the best option is to get the item re-plated with new brass.

As mentioned, lacquered brass has to coat that is meant to protect the brass from the exposure of air and other elements. To clean lacquered brass, you must first take off the lacquered coating with acetone. If you try to polish lacquered brass with its coating still on, nothing will happen and the polish with give the coating a cloudy look.

After taking off the lacquer coating, you will then have a solid brass material in which you can go ahead and follow the steps above to polish your item.

Top 7 Reasons To Buy Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is always a better idea. We offer you top 7 reasons to help you make up your mind if you are in a dilemma. While machine produced jewelry may be more affordable, it isn’t unique and will not last very long.


Handmade jewelry is for stylish women who are particular about what they wear. Today when anything can be turned into a copy in a New York second, it is highly important to remain original.


If you are one of those people who value originality, creativity and unique design, then you probably don’t need seven or more reasons to make up your mind when shopping for handmade jewelry.

Design – Handmade jewelry is a statement jewelry no matter its size. The online markets are flooded with terrible copies of designer necklaces and rings. But, if you are one of those ladies who simply hate to wear jewelry made of questionable material, that will turn your skin green only after a few hours of wearing, then keep reading. Handmade jewelry is designed to be unique, and if you check Fang Jewelry Studio on Etsy, you will perhaps forget about this article, because you will find at least one or seven uniquely designed pieces that are just according your taste.

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Artistic value – The artist put their time, energy, love and attention to create one of a kind ring or bracelet. Jewelry just like clothing is a fashion statement and art statement at the same time.

Carving of a bull buckle (silver and gold)
Carving of the golden eagle

Longevity – When you spend money on good jewelry you expect it to last, right? Invest your money in a store that guarantees to sell silver or gold handmade jewelry.

Silver and gold eagle medallion

Quality – Buying cheap jewelry online or at your local store may cause you serious skin conditions. You may spend money on the cutest necklace that goes perfectly with your dress, but below that silver color, the piece is made of copper, nickel and more often than not, plastic. A piece of jewelry that makes your skin green is surely not sexy, nor is good for your general health. Handmade artists, especially those like Fang, use materials such as gold and silver, without any bad additives for your skin.

Handmade jewelry: carving of a silver bar

Support of the local artists – By investing your money in small business you are supporting real artists. You help them remain on the market and continue create one of a kind pieces.

Process of creating: three handmade pieces in the process of carving and cutting.

Style – No man or woman of style should be seen settling for second best. Stay true to your sense of fashion and art and focus on handmade jewelry.

You can be part of the design – You can give the artist some of your ideas. This way you can get the exact piece of jewelry you always imagined to have. If this isn’t the best reason, I don’t know what is?

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