Floral Collection: Fleur de Lis

At Fang Jewelry, we dedicate the majority of our collection to Native American culture but we also branch out to other cultures. We have a large floral design collection and one of the designs that stand out is the fleur de lis. It is an iconic and historic symbol into which we will go into detail.

Floral Silver Bangle

The Coming of the Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis translates to “flower of the lily” and is depicted as a lily or lotus flower. In history, it has been used amongst French royalty where it has been represented as light, perfection, and light.

Legend has it that the symbol came about when Clovis, the Merovingian king of Franks, converted to Christianity. A golden lily flower was given to him during baptism which became of symbol of purification. Another story has it that water lilies showed him how to safely cross a river where he then succeeded.

Bohemian Bracelet


The symbol was always seen as a sign of purity. The Roman Catholic Church then adopted the symbol to represent the Virgin Mary. Eventually, the symbol started to spread and became adapted throughout Europe to create an association with the church.

During the twelfth century, either King Louis VI or King Louis VII decided to sue the symbol on his shield. This was the first time French monarch decided to use the symbol.

Acknowledgement in Other Continents

The fleur de lis reached the Americas when the French sailed the Atlantic. The symbol can mainly be seen on North American flags and coats of arms where French presence highly influence the area like Quebec, Canada.

Victorian Style Ring

Fang Jewelry: Fleur de Lis

We carry the symbol on different pieces which has an elegant and delicate essence. There are cuff bracelets that can be made of either silver or have a gold base. These intricate pieces incorporate a gemstone to create a more captivating look.

You can also find an eye-catching ring with a deep maroon Mozambique stone on it. Or go for a minimal earring perfect for any outfit.