The Gemstone Collection: Men’s Edition

Gemstones are the perfect touch for any piece of jewelry to add color. Although gemstones are often seen much more in women’s jewelry, here we have created certain pieces for men. Gemstones might be portrayed as feminine but at Fang Jewelry has made the ideal piece for any man.

Gemstone Signet Ring

Gemstone Pieces for Men

When it comes to the gemstones used at Fang Jewelry, each stone is unique. Just like our jewelry is handcrafted for each customer, our gemstones are also specific to each piece made. Here is why you need our gemstone pieces today.

1. Pop of color

As mentioned, gemstones jewelry are the ideal pieces to go to when you want to add color to your collection. The great thing about gemstones is their unique characteristics. Not only do they come in vibrant colors but can also have details within the stone.

2. Make it personal

When it comes to gemstones, the stones hold much significance. Not only is it just a gemstone but it can have a personal meaning to you. There are those who believe that stones and rocks have the ability to heal when it comes to health. Having a specific gemstone that has a special meaning to you at all times is the perfect gift for yourself.

Aside from that, it’s a great way to celebrate yourself. There are gemstones for each month and why not get jewelry with a gemstone of your birthday month?

3. Statement piece

Due to the many colors that gemstones come in, it creates the perfect statement piece. When it is placed on a simple canvas, the gemstone becomes the centerpiece. It instantly becomes a conversation starter.

4. Breaking the barriers

If you are afraid of getting any bold jewelry, starting off with gemstones pieces is the ideal decision. It won’t be too overbearing but it has the right amount of vibrancy. The best thing about gemstone jewelry is that it comes in different sizes. Therefore, you can start off small and gradually increase to a size that is suitable for you.

Engraved Silver Band

Fang Jewelry Collection

Our gemstone men’s collection has a variety of pieces suitable for multiple occasions. You can find our silver rings paired with different types of gemstones. The colors range from turquoise, deep reds and metallic colors.

If rings aren’t your ideal accessory then you can settle for our bracelets. These are highly influenced and designed by Native American culture. The bracelet holds a much bolder essence as it is designed like an arrow with precise details to it. Of course, it is accompanied by gemstones.

Then you have a more delicate accessory that can add the perfect pop of color to your outfit. We have a suit pin that can be used to add color to your posh outfit.

Feather Lapel Pin