The Gemstone Collection: Men’s Edition

Gemstones are the perfect touch for any piece of jewelry to add color. Although gemstones are often seen much more in women’s jewelry, here we have created certain pieces for men. Gemstones might be portrayed as feminine but at Fang Jewelry has made the ideal piece for any man.

Gemstone Signet Ring

Gemstone Pieces for Men

When it comes to the gemstones used at Fang Jewelry, each stone is unique. Just like our jewelry is handcrafted for each customer, our gemstones are also specific to each piece made. Here is why you need our gemstone pieces today.

1. Pop of color

As mentioned, gemstones jewelry are the ideal pieces to go to when you want to add color to your collection. The great thing about gemstones is their unique characteristics. Not only do they come in vibrant colors but can also have details within the stone.

2. Make it personal

When it comes to gemstones, the stones hold much significance. Not only is it just a gemstone but it can have a personal meaning to you. There are those who believe that stones and rocks have the ability to heal when it comes to health. Having a specific gemstone that has a special meaning to you at all times is the perfect gift for yourself.

Aside from that, it’s a great way to celebrate yourself. There are gemstones for each month and why not get jewelry with a gemstone of your birthday month?

3. Statement piece

Due to the many colors that gemstones come in, it creates the perfect statement piece. When it is placed on a simple canvas, the gemstone becomes the centerpiece. It instantly becomes a conversation starter.

4. Breaking the barriers

If you are afraid of getting any bold jewelry, starting off with gemstones pieces is the ideal decision. It won’t be too overbearing but it has the right amount of vibrancy. The best thing about gemstone jewelry is that it comes in different sizes. Therefore, you can start off small and gradually increase to a size that is suitable for you.

Engraved Silver Band

Fang Jewelry Collection

Our gemstone men’s collection has a variety of pieces suitable for multiple occasions. You can find our silver rings paired with different types of gemstones. The colors range from turquoise, deep reds and metallic colors.

If rings aren’t your ideal accessory then you can settle for our bracelets. These are highly influenced and designed by Native American culture. The bracelet holds a much bolder essence as it is designed like an arrow with precise details to it. Of course, it is accompanied by gemstones.

Then you have a more delicate accessory that can add the perfect pop of color to your outfit. We have a suit pin that can be used to add color to your posh outfit.

Feather Lapel Pin

Floral Collection: Fleur de Lis

At Fang Jewelry, we dedicate the majority of our collection to Native American culture but we also branch out to other cultures. We have a large floral design collection and one of the designs that stand out is the fleur de lis. It is an iconic and historic symbol into which we will go into detail.

Floral Silver Bangle

The Coming of the Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis translates to “flower of the lily” and is depicted as a lily or lotus flower. In history, it has been used amongst French royalty where it has been represented as light, perfection, and light.

Legend has it that the symbol came about when Clovis, the Merovingian king of Franks, converted to Christianity. A golden lily flower was given to him during baptism which became of symbol of purification. Another story has it that water lilies showed him how to safely cross a river where he then succeeded.

Bohemian Bracelet


The symbol was always seen as a sign of purity. The Roman Catholic Church then adopted the symbol to represent the Virgin Mary. Eventually, the symbol started to spread and became adapted throughout Europe to create an association with the church.

During the twelfth century, either King Louis VI or King Louis VII decided to sue the symbol on his shield. This was the first time French monarch decided to use the symbol.

Acknowledgement in Other Continents

The fleur de lis reached the Americas when the French sailed the Atlantic. The symbol can mainly be seen on North American flags and coats of arms where French presence highly influence the area like Quebec, Canada.

Victorian Style Ring

Fang Jewelry: Fleur de Lis

We carry the symbol on different pieces which has an elegant and delicate essence. There are cuff bracelets that can be made of either silver or have a gold base. These intricate pieces incorporate a gemstone to create a more captivating look.

You can also find an eye-catching ring with a deep maroon Mozambique stone on it. Or go for a minimal earring perfect for any outfit.



Lapis Lazuli: The Gemstone Collection

As one of the most sought over gemstones, Fang Jewelry has incorporated the lapis lazuli in its gemstone collection. The vibrant blue color is the perfect contrast against our silver rings and creates a bohemian and carefree vibe for any outfit. Before discussing our collection, there’s a reason why the lapis lazuli is the most sought over the ring which we will discuss.

Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

It’s obvious why the gemstone was highly valued in ancient times – the color. The deep blue color is a symbol of royalty, honor, spirit, vision, gods, and power. Additionally, the gemstone is a symbol of wisdom and truth.

History in Different Societies

In Egypt, the gemstone was highly prized and was often used in various jewelry, as a color dye when grounded and used in healing elixirs.

The vibrant color of the gemstone established many symbols in different societies. In ancient Persia and the pre-Columbian era, the gemstone signified the starry night. During the medieval ages in Europe, the gemstone symbolized the heavens and keep away spirits of darkness.

On the other hand, Buddhists found the gemstone to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts.

Uses of Lapis Lazuli

Just as the gemstone is one of the most wanted stones, it is also a powerful crystal. It has the ability to activate your higher mind and improving intellectual ability. Also, it is known to improve memory. Aside from that, it prompts the desire for knowledge, truth and guides the process of learning.

Lapis Lazuli Collection

At Fang Jewelry, we have created various pieces that consist of the highly prized gemstone. You can find different jewelry pieces suitable to your liking from pendants to rings.

The gemstone looks perfect on our rings as it has the ability to catch anyone’s attention. We also have a perfect pair of earrings that have the perfect touch of vibrant blue. If earrings or rings aren’t in your favor, there are bangles and pendants you can attach to your necklace.

What you are looking for, we have.



Black Onyx: The Gemstone Collection

Black Onyx was a controversial stone in older civilization. The stone had a good and bad reputation but it eventually became appreciated for its powers and energy. In Native American culture, the black onyx calmed one throughout any storm. In that sense, the gemstone was able to bring stabilization with one self before any troubled moment.

Black Onyx History

The black onyx is an ancient stone that was used in different civilizations. It was known for its powerful energy and dark beauty. The gemstone was used during ceremonies, burials, scrying and as an amulet on swords, shields, and armors for warriors during battle.

The reason it was used during battles was that it took all negative energy and released mental stress and provide emotional wellness. It also enhanced the development of emotional and physical stamina and strength.

Black Onyx: “The Bad Luck Stone”

The black onyx was known as a strengthening stone but in some civilization, it was seen as bad luck. Due to its dark color, it was believed to invoke sadness, make one angry and make one have mood swings.

In China, many people feared the gemstone because of all the things it caused. Only slaves and menial laborers went mining for the black onyx when they had no other choice to make a living.

Black Onyx Energy

Physical Energy

The gemstone is known to improve functions of nerves and boost the sensory system, specifically those associated with the ears. It is also known to strengthen the immune system which provides stamina, the energy of the body and stops the chances of falling ill again.

Emotional Energy

The black onyx brings stability to emotions in the body. This allows the body to strengthen itself in difficult or confusing situations and during times of mental or physical stress.

The gemstone calms nervousness, stops anxiety and fear, controls tempers and reestablishes rational thinking.

Black Onyx Collection

In our collection, the black onyx gives an edgier feel to our pieces. This dark gemstone is bold and although it is dark, it catches the eye.

Allow this gemstone to give you the strength it provides on a ring, bracelet or on a pendant.

Turquoise Gemstone: The Gemstone Collection

The color turquoise will instantly catch the attention of the human eye since it is such a vibrant blue-green color. When you put it on a piece of jewelry, there’s no doubt that the gemstone will make the piece look even more beautiful. But the turquoise gemstone has much significance than its beauty, especially within the Native American culture.

Silver Feather Pendant

Turquoise Gemstone History

The turquoise gemstone is man’s oldest stone. With that, it has a long history of energy that it has been providing to people across the globe.

This gemstone is one of the most prized stones and has the power to protect from harm, strengthen, bring luck and have the connection to the spirit world. This is why many warriors, kings, and shamans have worn it and kept it close to them.

Aside from that, it has been considered a powerful metaphysical healing stone within many different cultures. The Native American, the Tibetans and also the Egyptians have considered it to carry great healing powers.

Physical Healing

The turquoise gemstone is known as a strengthen stone which can heal a person in various aspects. From exhaustion, depression or panic attacks, the stone enhances the physical and psychic immune system, supports the gathering of nutrients in the body and alleviates viral infections.

Emotional Healing

Turquoise is known as the most efficient healer as it enhances and benefits the mood and emotional as a whole. Since it brings balance, it also brings a sense of peace and serenity.

Since turquoise is a stone of purification, it will lift saggy spirit which will then take off stress and bring a focus to the center of the heart. All negative energy will be dismissed when you either wear or hold turquoise.

Turquoise Gemstone Energy

Turquoise has always been thought to unite both the Earth and the sky, bring male and female energy together. It ignites the initiation of romantic love but is believed to change color to warn of danger or alert acts of unfaithful action or thoughts.

The stone also helps a person see all aspects of him or herself, both the good and the bad, and unify these aspects to create a whole.

Turquoise As a Gift

When the turquoise stone is given to you as a gift, it will protect from a negative energy and bring good luck. Turquoise will also provide peace to your home and bring balance.

Engraved Silver Band