Floral Collection: Fleur de Lis

At Fang Jewelry, we dedicate the majority of our collection to Native American culture but we also branch out to other cultures. We have a large floral design collection and one of the designs that stand out is the fleur de lis. It is an iconic and historic symbol into which we will go into detail.

Floral Silver Bangle

The Coming of the Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis translates to “flower of the lily” and is depicted as a lily or lotus flower. In history, it has been used amongst French royalty where it has been represented as light, perfection, and light.

Legend has it that the symbol came about when Clovis, the Merovingian king of Franks, converted to Christianity. A golden lily flower was given to him during baptism which became of symbol of purification. Another story has it that water lilies showed him how to safely cross a river where he then succeeded.

Bohemian Bracelet


The symbol was always seen as a sign of purity. The Roman Catholic Church then adopted the symbol to represent the Virgin Mary. Eventually, the symbol started to spread and became adapted throughout Europe to create an association with the church.

During the twelfth century, either King Louis VI or King Louis VII decided to sue the symbol on his shield. This was the first time French monarch decided to use the symbol.

Acknowledgement in Other Continents

The fleur de lis reached the Americas when the French sailed the Atlantic. The symbol can mainly be seen on North American flags and coats of arms where French presence highly influence the area like Quebec, Canada.

Victorian Style Ring

Fang Jewelry: Fleur de Lis

We carry the symbol on different pieces which has an elegant and delicate essence. There are cuff bracelets that can be made of either silver or have a gold base. These intricate pieces incorporate a gemstone to create a more captivating look.

You can also find an eye-catching ring with a deep maroon Mozambique stone on it. Or go for a minimal earring perfect for any outfit.



Lapis Lazuli: The Gemstone Collection

As one of the most sought over gemstones, Fang Jewelry has incorporated the lapis lazuli in its gemstone collection. The vibrant blue color is the perfect contrast against our silver rings and creates a bohemian and carefree vibe for any outfit. Before discussing our collection, there’s a reason why the lapis lazuli is the most sought over the ring which we will discuss.

Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

It’s obvious why the gemstone was highly valued in ancient times – the color. The deep blue color is a symbol of royalty, honor, spirit, vision, gods, and power. Additionally, the gemstone is a symbol of wisdom and truth.

History in Different Societies

In Egypt, the gemstone was highly prized and was often used in various jewelry, as a color dye when grounded and used in healing elixirs.

The vibrant color of the gemstone established many symbols in different societies. In ancient Persia and the pre-Columbian era, the gemstone signified the starry night. During the medieval ages in Europe, the gemstone symbolized the heavens and keep away spirits of darkness.

On the other hand, Buddhists found the gemstone to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts.

Uses of Lapis Lazuli

Just as the gemstone is one of the most wanted stones, it is also a powerful crystal. It has the ability to activate your higher mind and improving intellectual ability. Also, it is known to improve memory. Aside from that, it prompts the desire for knowledge, truth and guides the process of learning.

Lapis Lazuli Collection

At Fang Jewelry, we have created various pieces that consist of the highly prized gemstone. You can find different jewelry pieces suitable to your liking from pendants to rings.

The gemstone looks perfect on our rings as it has the ability to catch anyone’s attention. We also have a perfect pair of earrings that have the perfect touch of vibrant blue. If earrings or rings aren’t in your favor, there are bangles and pendants you can attach to your necklace.

What you are looking for, we have.



Halloween Collection: Skulls

At Fang Jewelry, we are known for our indigenous collections but have expanded our collection to different focuses. We have created unique pieces that have an edgier feel and is perfect for the upcoming holiday of Halloween.

Silver Skull Pendant

Skull Collection

There is a variety of pieces that have skulls on it. Whether you want to wear them around your neck, fingers or wrist – there is a piece meant for you.

All of the pieces are made of sterling silver which is an easy alloy to take care of. This metal requires little maintenance which makes it easier for you. Since sterling silver is a durable metal, you would not need to worry much about it breaking. The mixture of silver and other metals allows it to withstand much usage.

Skull Rings

The majority of our skull collection consists of rings where you can find different styles to your liking. There are biker rings, punk rings and gothic rings you can choose from. Additionally, you can also choose to have a few oxidized to create an edgier and vintage look or have the classic shiny sterling silver look to it.

Some of the rings have a classic look that just consists of skulls. You can choose from double skulls or just one if you want a simpler look. On the other hand, there is one ring that can complete any edgy look and has a complete biker essence to it. The silver skull ring has a skull and combines features from our WW2 Pilot Ring.

Silver Skull Ring

Skull Necklace

For our necklaces, you have the option of going for a gothic or indigenous look. This is the only pieces where you can choose from these types.

The gothic skull necklace is a clean silver chain necklace that has a skull and a bone pendant attached to it. The necklace is the perfect pirate-themed piece if you’re looking to complete that costume.

On the other hand, you have the indigenous piece that is much more vibrant than any other piece. It is decorated with various indigenous pendants like arrows and feathers. The reason it is vibrant is because of the chain. Instead of it being just plain and simple, it is a multi-colored beaded necklace.

Deer Leather Necklace

Skull Earrings

These skull earrings will instantly catch anyone’s attention. The bold skull will show your mischievous essence or even your dark side.

The best part is for those who just want one earring, you can order a single earring.

The Legend of the Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are often seen on walls, trees, porches and even souvenir shops. But what is the significance of it where it is often seen in many places? These items are also transformed into jewelry at Fang Jewelry. The origin and legend behind the dreamcatcher are deep and important within the Native American community.

Dream Catcher Necklace

History of the Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher is obviously associated with Native Americans but there is conflict on where it originated from. Between the Ojibwa Chippewa and Lakota tribe, each has their own legend. Although, it is mainly believed that it originated from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe.

Ojibwa Chippewa Legend

To understand where dreamcatchers came about, one must understand the translation of it. The word for the item is asabikeshiinh, which means “spider”. It is evident as to why it translates to spider since the dreamcatcher is woven into a web, making it look like a spider web.

The Ojibwa people found spiders to be a symbol of protection and comfort. There is a story amongst their community of a mystical and maternal “Spider Woman” who was a spiritual protector of the tribe. This protection was strongest with children and babies.

As the tribe continues to grow and go different directions, it was hard for the Spider Woman to protect all so the first dreamcatcher was made. With that, mothers would recreate the maternal remembrance to symbolize the mystical protection over families and children all over.

Dreamcatcher Purpose

Traditionally, these items were used as a totem to protect those who sleep from bad dreams and nightmares. It was sometimes known as “Sacred Hoops”.

Dreams were believed to fill the night air, both the good and bad. It was hung above the bed where the morning sunlight was able to hit it.

With dreamcatchers, it had the ability to capture all types of dreams in its web – not just bad ones. The good dreams passed through the spaces of the web and slide down the feather as it comforted the sleeper below it. On the other hand, bad dreams were caught in the protective net and destroyed. The morning sunlight then burned it up after.



Why You Should Buy Silver Jewelry

There are many different types of metals you can buy when choosing jewelry. But silver is the type you want to go for. There are many different reasons why silver jewelry is the best options for you. Aside from having endless options at Fang Jewelry, here is why you should buy silver jewelry.

Horseshoe Nail Ring

1. Highlights the rock

Unlike gold, silver is the best when it comes to highlighting all types of rocks. It has the ability to make any crystal, diamonds or gemstone like no other metal can.

With that, it makes your money worth spending. If you get a piece that does has a rock on it, you would want the focus to go on it. Therefore, silver would not over-shine the rock.

2. Cheaper to buy

Silver is amongst one of the cheaper metals that still have a chic look to it. In comparison to gold, which has often been used in luxurious pieces, it has taken a downfall.

Many sellers are trading in gold for silver, which is not just cheaper for them, but cheaper for you as well. High-end brands, like Tiffany’s, are starting to incorporate silver jewelry in their collection.

3. Weighs less

Aside from being cheaper, silver jewelry also light-weight. This makes it much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Also, it is super beneficial in the future, especially when it comes to wearing earrings or necklaces. When ear pieces are too heavy and worn for years, the earhole can stretch. Similarly, neck pain can be caused when necklaces are too heavy.

Silver Feather Earrings

4. Resilient

Whether it is fine or sterling silver, these pieces are much more durable and resilient. Again, this will make it worth buying since it is guaranteed it will last longer.

In relation to gold, gold is softer and has a higher risk of bending, warping, and gouging.

5. True to color

Silver jewelry compliments all colors, like the color of your clothes and skin complexion. Gold can alter the color of your clothes which will set a negative impact on the hue. With skin complexion, gold often washes out those with warmer undertones causing an off-set yellow tone.

Silver jewelry will also enhance and complement colors, whether it’s from your clothes or skin complexion.


Turquoise in Navajo Culture

The turquoise gemstone holds a special significance in Native American culture but especially within the Navajo tribe. Turquoise, or doo tl’izh ii, is considered as the “stone of life”. It is popular amongst the Navajo community because of its jewelry but it does have a long history. Up until this day, the gemstone is valued for its scarcity, beauty and also, its historical significance.

Silver Feather Brooch

Turquoise and Navajo Culture

The gemstone was seen to bring good fortune. It would be stored in baskets and hung up from ceilings to keep away any evil. Additionally, the Navajo people would put the gemstone around the outside of their homes for that reason.

The belief of its good fortune made it common for people to carry it with them, like warrior and hunters. Eventually, its day-to-day usage turned the gemstone into jewelry to keep its energy around people.

Rituals and Ceremonies

With it’s good energy, it was often used in rituals and ceremonies. There’s a Native American legend that says turquoise was made from the tears of people. When the skies would open up and rain after a long drought, the tears of people would go into the Earth to make the gemstone.

Aside from that, the gemstone was the center of many spiritual observances. One piece was often put into a river after saying a prayer to the god of rain, Neinilii. Often times, the gemstone was connected to rain where people would use sticks with turquoise attached to find water.

Turquoise Bracelet

Homage to Navajo Jewelry

Due to the scarcity of this gemstone’s jewelry, it’s only right to invest in authentic Navajo jewelry. To understand its cultural context will give you a better understanding as to why you should invest only in authenticity.

Supporting authentic Navajo turquoise jewelry is to know the history and craft.

The Power of the Sun

The sun has been symbolically used throughout history in different regions and cultures. Additionally, it has been recognized as a cosmic power which is why it is seen in many artifacts and writings. Within Native American culture, it was significant in all the tribes. Here’s why it was of great importance.

Silver Sun Pendant

The Sun’s Power

It is well known that Native Americans were, and still are, spiritual people. The energy of items and nature play an important role in how their traditions were built and passed on.

The reason it was an essence in their everyday life was that it was one of the natural phenomena that govern life. Since it is the provider of heat and light, it facilitates the growth of plants for food. Hence, why it is seen as the governor of life.

Although the sun played a pivotal role in Native American tribes, the significance was different within each community.

Turquoise Pendant Gemstone

Symbolism of the Sun

Below are the various meanings and significance of it with each Native American tribe.

The Seven Rays

This sun is the most common amongst Native American tribes. In the design, it has seven rays which represent the seven energy centers within humans. This symbol portrays a peace-loving person. Also, it represents any entity evolved enough to have an internal light that it radiates the outside world.

The Navajo Sun

This type of sun is seen with feather arrangements which are used to record war stories and heroic events. Also, it is related directly to the sun where it connects to creation.

The Hopi Sun

The symbol represented the heart of cosmos and handles passion, growth, and vitality. Furthermore, it is a symbol of creative and natural energy.

It was said that the sun was a supreme god sent from the Hopi’s dependence for the growth of corn and other crops.



The Origin of the Squash Blossom

The squash blossom has played an important role in indigenous culture, especially within the Navajo community. Ironically enough, the symbol was something that did not originate from Native American but Spanish conquistador. Whether you own jewelry with the squash blossom or not, understanding this symbol is to understand the Native American culture.

Naja Pendant

 The Squash Blossom Origin

The origins of the symbol started between the late 1500s and early 1600s. The symbol was seen as an iron ornament on horse bridles. Eventually, as the indigenous people were captures, the symbol became an ornament within their community.

The Moorish Influence

Although the symbol was first seen on Spanish conquistadors, the Moorish influence played a great role. The squash blossom reflected the Moorish conquest of Spain.

The reason the Spaniards were seen with the symbol on their horse bridles had to do with the same ideology of the Moors.

When the Moors conquered Spain, the use of an inverted crescent would protect them and their horses from ‘the evil eye’. Therefore, when the Spanish went to the Americas, they used the same symbol to protect themselves.

Silver Naja Pendant

The Squash Blossom Significance

Throughout the generations, the pendant was known as Naja or najache. It became associated with different ceremonies, especially agricultural. Eventually, it became a symbol of crop fertility.

Also, the squash blossom is a reminder of the closeness between the Navajo and Pueblo communities.

Beads that Spread Out

In the Navajo language, “the squash blossom”  is read as yo ne maze disya gi, which translates to “beads that spread out”. Strange enough, the translation has nothing to do with a squash and here’s no trace as to how the translation came to be.




Top 5 Reasons to Buy Minimalist Jewelry

Fang Jewelry has a variety of jewelry suitable for any audience. Although most are influenced by Native American culture, there are other categories. Our minimalist jewelry has a unique essence with little details you would not see anywhere else. Therefore, here’s why minimalist jewelry is the way to go when purchasing jewelry.

1. Easy to style

This reason goes hand-in-hand with the first one. Since minimalist jewelry is less, it is easier to style. You do not need to worry about wearing too much because the pieces are so simple.

The main thing is noticing the placement of each piece. Most people do layer necklaces and stack rings on their fingers.

Thunderbird Ring

2. Less is more

It is easy to say that jewelry culture has changed tremendously throughout the years. About 30 years ago, women would wear bold statement but not so much today. With minimal jewelry, sometimes, less is more. You can bring forward the attention to your pieces even though it might be small and simple.

When too much bold jewelry is put together, it’s hard to know where to look. With minimalist jewelry, the focus to instantly brought to your pieces because not so much is happening.


3. Always trendy

The simplicity of minimal jewelry makes it always trendy. You can never go wrong with a plain bangle or a simple necklace in your jewelry box.

Unlike bold and bright jewelry, minimal jewelry can always be worn no matter the year.

Twisted Bangle

4. You can combine different pieces

Without a doubt, minimalist jewelry was meant to be combined with other minimal pieces. You can have an endless amount of minimal jewelry and always find the right pieces to go together.

No matter how much you put together, it will never look overdone or “too much.” Which goes to the next reason as to why you need minimalist jewelry.

5. Clean and elegant look

If you take a look back in time, the style of jewelry was quite extravagant. With time, it seemed to have down-sized and people are going back to the basics.

The basic and simplicity give you a cleaner and elegant look. With minimal jewelry, you can amplify any outfit with small pieces that will give it shine and charm.

Even if you have multiple pieces on, it will always portray a clean and elegant look.

How to Care and Clean Deerskin Leather

Throughout history, deerskin leather has been popular amongst Native Americans for everyday materials. At Fang Jewelry, we have pieces highlighted with it. This gives our jewelry an indigenous essence that’s unique. When buying our jewelry, we want to make sure your item stays in pristine condition. Therefore, here’s how you keep your the leather in perfect shape.

Silver Feather Necklace

Deerskin Leather

Deerskin leather is commonly used in Native American communities. It is used to make various items like moccasins and gloves. Also, it has also been one of the most important sources of trade with Europeans.

The reason it was so important and common was due to its material. It is lucrative material and also very comfortable in comparison to other leathers. Its flexibility makes it easy to wear and also has a breathability to it. Therefore, you won’t feel overheated in the summer.

Additionally, it has a soft and delicate texture but doesn’t let that fool you. It is easy to manage and care for.

Caring for Deerskin Leather

Although the leather is soft, it is simple to care for and requires little conditioning. If over cleaned, you might actually ruin the material. It will become darker and start to gain a gooey surface which is something you don’t want to do.

Of course, it is still important to give the leather a conditioning about twice a year. And cleaning will need to be done if your piece gets blemishes you want to remove.

Silver Eagle Necklace

Cleaning Deerskin Leather

There are various ways to clean you deerskin leather. Below you will find how to remove stains, scratches and what happens if the leather gets too wet.

Removing Stains

To remove stains, use a damp cloth and rub it against the hide. If the stain still remains, you would want to use a mild soap and water mixed in a bowl. After, collect the suds on the soft cloth but try not to get the cloth too wet. In thin layers, gently wipe over the surface.

After, blot up an extra moisture with a clean cloth that might have remained and leave the leather in a cool place to dry. Be sure to keep the leather away from any direct sunlight or heat.

Handling Scratches

Scratches and scruffs are something people don’t worry too much about. This gives the leather a unique and outdoor look but if you insist on removing them, here’s what to do.

Emulsified lanolin is ideal to use. You would want to apply the lanolin on a cloth and apply it evenly on the coat. The leather will get darker but when placed to dry, out of direct sunlight or heat, it will go back to its regular color.

Excessively Wet

The leather can handle getting wet but if too much water is absorbed, it’s not the best. You will want to dry the leather as soon as possible. Using a clean and dry cloth, you should absorb an excessive moisture and apply leather conditioner.

Make sure even, thin layers are applied on the surface evenly. Then for about fifteen minutes, you can leave it to dry.

When figuring out which leather conditioner to use, it’s best to try out various ones before it gets wet. Therefore, when you buy the leather, be on the lookout for leather conditioners.