How to Style Pendants

It might seem simple to style a pendant. You are probably thinking, “just put it on a chain.” But that is where things can go wrong. It does not depend just on the chain but what else comes along with it – your entire outfit. Wearing the piece can be simple or it can go horribly wrong. We are here to give you some insight on how to wear those pieces you have or you can check out our infinite collection of pendants as well.

Flora Pendant

Styling Pendants

1. Pay attention to the collar

Pendants work best with certain types of collars. If you want to make your pendant the focal point, here are some collars suggested to put emphasis on the piece.

Turtlenecks work best on those colder months. The high neckline of the turtleneck will put the focus on your pendant, which is what you want. If you prefer it on bare skin, go for a v-neckline. V-necks are ideal to highlight your piece. Although, you should be aware of how long the chain is. If you wear a pendant with a long chain, a lower v-neckline or a plunging neckline would be best to wear with it.

2. Accessorizing with pendants 

One must always be cautious when accessorizing with pendants because it can cause chaos in your outfit. Since pendants are already a dramatic piece due to their length and size. With that, it is best to keep other accessories smaller or to a minimum. For example, it is best to avoid large dangly earrings when wearing a pendant necklace. If you do decide to wear dangly earrings, keep them small to avoid the clutter around your face and neck.

Although, it is possible to wear multiple necklaces while still wearing a pendant necklace. The key is to know what kind of necklace to wear. Due to the length of pendant necklaces, it is easy to pair shorter necklaces with it. Chokers are ideal to wear with pendant necklaces since it won’t take the attention away and it will look much more subtle.

Silver Feather Pendant

3. Be careful with colors

Pendants necklaces are often used to create a statement on outfits. Therefore when determining your outfit, be careful with the colors and patterns you choose. The necklace should the centerpiece of the outfit so opt for plain, solid colors. The solid background of your clothing will cause the necklace to stand out without a doubt.

4. Large pendants vs small pendants

Don’t know if you should wear a larger or small pendant? Well, large pendants are always used as the centerpiece of an outfit. Since large pendants are shiny and draw attention, your outfit should be simple. A solid color works best with a simple neckline.

Small pendants can be used as a statement piece or to tie an outfit together. When wearing a small pendant, the chain must be taken into consideration. Since the pendant is smaller, a thin and delicate chain should be paired with it.

5. Transforming an outfit

If you feel like your outfit is too simple, pendants are a great way to add life to it. The pendant will decorate your outfit and give it a touch of color and shine. But you must consider what kind of pendant you wear with the occasion and in what manner you want to transform the outfit.

To those who want a casual look, smaller pendants like dog tags or delicate pendants are the best way to add dynamically. If you are going for a posh look, a bold and chic pendant will be your best option.

Oval Silver Pendant

How to Style Pins

Pins were seen back in the 90s where it was very popular. As times tell, history always repeats itself – especially when it comes to fashion. 90s trends are becoming a huge hit during this time where you see mom jeans, chokers and pins. All these small accessories are becoming a hit including pins. At Fang Jewelry, our pin collection can add that perfect essence of sophistication to any outfit. Let us tell you how you can style your pins.

Silver Collar Pin

Styling Pins

Nowadays, pins just aren’t meant for clothing but other accessory pieces. These are the many ways where you can wear pins.

1. Hats

You can add these small pins to a plain hat to add some glistening or a message. It’s an easy way to show off what you have since it’s right on your head – no person can not notice your pins.

2. Sweaters

If you have a simple sweater that needs something else on it, pins are the easiest ways to go. There’s no need to worry about necklaces getting tangled or having the hassle of making sure your scarf is in the right place.

3. Collars

This is the perfect alternative to wearing a necklace or any other jewelry. It’s also a funky place to add some spice to your collared outfit and give it a casual look.

4. Jackets

There are always those odd jackets that get left behind in the back of your closet. It may look old and rustic but with pins, you will instantly bring it back to life.

5. With other jewelry

There will be a few instances where you will find a set where pins match the jewelry. If you browse our online store, you can find a few pieces that go together with our pins.

Silver Feather Brooch

Fang Jewelry Pins

If you are thinking that you can’t wear pins, think again. There are various styles where you are guaranteed to find something suitable for you. At Fang Jewelry, our collection consists of different themes.

Our brand mainly focuses on the Native American community, therefore, a large portion of our collection is directed the Native American community. You will find feathers, arrows, animals, and florals.

On the other hand, you can see how Fang Jewelry embraces other cultures like Greek. Our ancient coin pin has the perfect combination of gold and silver making it easy to wear with various jewelry.