How to Care and Clean for Brass Jewelry

At Fang Jewelry, we put much emphasis on our silver and sterling silver jewelry but we do make jewelry with other metals. Brass is another type of metal we incorporate in our collections to add a warm color to certain pieces. Our brass jewelry has the perfect tints of gold, as it is a much cheaper alternative, but it does take some care.

Lucky Star Ring

What is brass?

Brass is a metal where both copper and zinc have been combined. With brass, there are three different types: solid, plated and lacquered.


Solid brass is considered to be “true brass” where it has no additional metals or coating. Additionally, it is the best for traditional polishing compared to plated or lacquered. The other two require a bit more careful and sensitive approach.


When an item is brass-plated, it’s not brass at all. The piece is actually made of steel but has a thin coating of brass on the outside.


Lacquered brass is classified through a clear coating put on brass. Since most brass tends to oxidize quickly when it is exposed to air, some brass pieces are covered with a clear coating of lacquer to protect it thus, making it lacquered brass.

Brass Star Bangle

Caring and Cleaning Brass Jewelry

With solid brass, it is much tougher than the other types of brass. Therefore, it just needs to be washed with soapy water, air-dried and then polished. When applying polish, a fair amount should be applied and spread with an absorbent rag. While buffing the polish out rapidly, it will create a surface difficult to smudge or discolor.

Since plated brass technically isn’t brass completely, one must be careful when caring and cleaning for it. When plated brass begins to tarnish, the rust is mainly due to the steel beneath. One thing to not do is polish the brass for it could take off the brass.

The most convenient way to go about restoring plated brass is to gently wipe the rusty areas with soap, water, and a soft cloth. For a stronger effect, you can use dish soap. If that does not work, the best option is to get the item re-plated with new brass.

As mentioned, lacquered brass has to coat that is meant to protect the brass from the exposure of air and other elements. To clean lacquered brass, you must first take off the lacquered coating with acetone. If you try to polish lacquered brass with its coating still on, nothing will happen and the polish with give the coating a cloudy look.

After taking off the lacquer coating, you will then have a solid brass material in which you can go ahead and follow the steps above to polish your item.

Black Onyx: The Gemstone Collection

Black Onyx was a controversial stone in older civilization. The stone had a good and bad reputation but it eventually became appreciated for its powers and energy. In Native American culture, the black onyx calmed one throughout any storm. In that sense, the gemstone was able to bring stabilization with one self before any troubled moment.

Black Onyx History

The black onyx is an ancient stone that was used in different civilizations. It was known for its powerful energy and dark beauty. The gemstone was used during ceremonies, burials, scrying and as an amulet on swords, shields, and armors for warriors during battle.

The reason it was used during battles was that it took all negative energy and released mental stress and provide emotional wellness. It also enhanced the development of emotional and physical stamina and strength.

Black Onyx: “The Bad Luck Stone”

The black onyx was known as a strengthening stone but in some civilization, it was seen as bad luck. Due to its dark color, it was believed to invoke sadness, make one angry and make one have mood swings.

In China, many people feared the gemstone because of all the things it caused. Only slaves and menial laborers went mining for the black onyx when they had no other choice to make a living.

Black Onyx Energy

Physical Energy

The gemstone is known to improve functions of nerves and boost the sensory system, specifically those associated with the ears. It is also known to strengthen the immune system which provides stamina, the energy of the body and stops the chances of falling ill again.

Emotional Energy

The black onyx brings stability to emotions in the body. This allows the body to strengthen itself in difficult or confusing situations and during times of mental or physical stress.

The gemstone calms nervousness, stops anxiety and fear, controls tempers and reestablishes rational thinking.

Black Onyx Collection

In our collection, the black onyx gives an edgier feel to our pieces. This dark gemstone is bold and although it is dark, it catches the eye.

Allow this gemstone to give you the strength it provides on a ring, bracelet or on a pendant.

What is Oxidized Sterling Silver?

Here at Fang Jewelry, we make unique pieces of jewelry customized for you. The variety of jewelry we make is with brass and gold but the majority of our collection consists of silver or sterling silver. We offer our customer the choice of getting their silver oxidized too. If you are not sure what oxidized sterling silver is or if it’s worth getting, we have your answers.

Oxidized Sterling Silver

With silver jewelry, the coat is polished and cleaned multiple times to make it sparkle. It has a clean and chic appearance but with oxidized silver, it is a bit different.

When a piece undergoes oxidization, the jewelry becomes exposed to oxygen in a pressurized environment for a long period of time. This gives it a darker coat on top of the jewelry which then gives it an antique and tarnished appearance. From purposely exposing the piece to silver sulfide, the dark patches appear.

Oxidized vs. Non-Oxidized

The antique and tarnished appearance can make you skeptical of getting an oxidized piece. You might question if it will last as long as the chic and shiny sterling silver.

The perks of getting oxidized sterling silver are that you won’t have to worry so much about taking care of it. Oxidized sterling silver is not impacted by tarnish as much. If anything, it will add on to the antique look it already has. It can also be left in any type of environment.

With pure silver or sterling silver, you have to constant polish it to prevent it from tarnishing. And if you want it to maintain in pristine condition, it’s best to keep it in special silver containers and keep it away from large amounts of oxygen.

Tired of the Oxidized Look?

The good thing about silver sulfide is that it can be removed from oxidized sterling silver if you want. There are erosive polishes that can remove silver sulfide from the surface and restore its shine. The only issue is that it can remove some of the piece’s original coat. There are also other polishes the reverse the chemical reaction that turns the silver sulfide back into shiny silver.

The Bat Jewelry: Our Wildlife Collection

Bats are unappealing animals. It makes disturbing noises at night and is simply unattractive. Its nocturnal habits make people afraid of the animal; however, the Native Americans noticed its symbolic meaning.

Bats in Native American Culture

Native Americans saw the world as being connected and realized that having fear of a bat is similar to having fear of their own people.

Bats are keen observers especially at night, and it became an emblem of guidance through the darkness. With its guidance, the bat was able to teach people how to “see” through hearing. Not only that, but its energy allowed people to not always believe what he or she “saw”.

Also, due to its high sensitivity level, it has been a symbol for intuition, dreaming and vision. Because of this, bats became a powerful symbol with Native American shamans and medicine people.

Shamanism, Medicine and Bats

The spirit of a bat was called forth when special energy was needed, “night vision.” This allowed one to see through illusion or ambiguity and get the truth directly.

Bat Symbol

Bats are the most misunderstood animal. Many people believe that bats are a symbol for death and the underworld since it comes out at night but in reality, it is the complete opposite.

Instead of death, bats are seen as a symbol of rebirth and new beginning since it lives in the “belly” of the Earth – caves. From the womb-like caves, it appears at night and is reborn every evening.

Since bats are correlated to death, it wouldn’t come to mind that they are cuddly creatures. Bats are very nurturing and social creatures within its own species.

Due to their warm nature, bats come to remind people to not judge a book by its cover.

The Bat: Our Wildlife Collection

Now that you have learned the true meaning of bats, our bat wildlife collection has a variety of pieces that has taken the animal and either has given it a softer or edgier look.

Add these bats to a chain you already own or wear these nurturing creatures on your ears.








Why You Need Two-Toned Jewelry

As two-toned jewelry has always been a part of fashion, you might wonder why it is being sold more. It is neither silver, gold or even rose gold – it is a combination of different colors and that is why it’s so ideal. Here is why you need two-toned jewelry in your jewelry box.

It Saves You Money

One of the main reasons you need two-toned jewelry is because it will save you more money than you think. You might be a person that needs a bracelet in every color because when it comes to accessorizing, you can’t clash different color jewelry.

So instead of buying one bracelet in every color, you can simply buy one that has two tones. That will save you the extra money you originally intended on spending.

You Can Wear More Jewelry

Two-toned jewelry not only will save you money but let you combine much more jewelry. With two-tones, you won’t need to worry about having multiple colors because that’s how your jewelry was originally designed.

Regardless of whether your accessories are gold or white, you can still wear your two-toned ring without an issue and it won’t clash.

It Highlights the Design of Your Jewelry

Some colors are made to highlight certain stones and designs. When a piece of jewelry is one color, stones and designs can get lost in the color. The similarity throughout the jewelry tends to wash away what makes the piece so special.

When having two-tones, certain features are emphasized because of the contrast between the colors. The stones will pop out or the curves and the halo of the piece will be seen.

You can see in our collection how the details stand out because these pieces of jewelry consist of two colors.


In contrast to being able to wear more jewelry, you can also take it to a minimal scale. You can rock multiple colors without wearing too much. Aside from having a clean look while being able to wear multiple colors, your space will also be clean of accessorial clutter.

Always Keeping It Trendy

Two-toned jewelry will always be in style so why not stay in style with it?

You might see gold jewelry become less popular in today’s day and age but that doesn’t mean it’s less relevant. Regardless of the color, when it comes to two-tones jewelry, any color works well together.

Turquoise Gemstone: The Gemstone Collection

The color turquoise will instantly catch the attention of the human eye since it is such a vibrant blue-green color. When you put it on a piece of jewelry, there’s no doubt that the gemstone will make the piece look even more beautiful. But the turquoise gemstone has much significance than its beauty, especially within the Native American culture.

Silver Feather Pendant

Turquoise Gemstone History

The turquoise gemstone is man’s oldest stone. With that, it has a long history of energy that it has been providing to people across the globe.

This gemstone is one of the most prized stones and has the power to protect from harm, strengthen, bring luck and have the connection to the spirit world. This is why many warriors, kings, and shamans have worn it and kept it close to them.

Aside from that, it has been considered a powerful metaphysical healing stone within many different cultures. The Native American, the Tibetans and also the Egyptians have considered it to carry great healing powers.

Physical Healing

The turquoise gemstone is known as a strengthen stone which can heal a person in various aspects. From exhaustion, depression or panic attacks, the stone enhances the physical and psychic immune system, supports the gathering of nutrients in the body and alleviates viral infections.

Emotional Healing

Turquoise is known as the most efficient healer as it enhances and benefits the mood and emotional as a whole. Since it brings balance, it also brings a sense of peace and serenity.

Since turquoise is a stone of purification, it will lift saggy spirit which will then take off stress and bring a focus to the center of the heart. All negative energy will be dismissed when you either wear or hold turquoise.

Turquoise Gemstone Energy

Turquoise has always been thought to unite both the Earth and the sky, bring male and female energy together. It ignites the initiation of romantic love but is believed to change color to warn of danger or alert acts of unfaithful action or thoughts.

The stone also helps a person see all aspects of him or herself, both the good and the bad, and unify these aspects to create a whole.

Turquoise As a Gift

When the turquoise stone is given to you as a gift, it will protect from a negative energy and bring good luck. Turquoise will also provide peace to your home and bring balance.

Engraved Silver Band







The Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver

The majority of our collection consists of both silver and sterling silver jewelry and accessories. But many people tend to interchange both silver and sterling silver when in reality, both metals are completely different. The difference between silver and sterling silver is important to be conscious of for it will determine how your jewelry will look in the long-run.

Pure Silver

When an item is considered to be pure silver, or in some cases, fine silver, it is made up of 99.9% silver content. You will be able to determine when an item is a pure silver if it is stamped with either 999, 9.99 or .999 which indicates how much silver it has per hundred or per thousand parts.

You will also notice the difference with silver because it is a bit pricier than sterling silver and here’s why.

Sterling Silver

Unlike pure silver, sterling silver is an alloy. This means that it has silver but also other metals in its substance. Sterling silver usually consists of about 92.5% pure silver and 7.5%, or sometimes more, of other types of metals. These other metals are usually copper, nickel or zinc.

Due to the mixture of other metals, sterling silver is much rougher than pure silver. This makes it common to create daily-used items with sterling silver, like forks, knives, spoons and many other items.

Tarnishing Factors

Between pure silver and sterling silver, sterling silver items will tarnish and lose its luster much quicker. Since sterling silver is an alloy, it is much more sensitive to air and water which will then make it lose its pristine condition and coloring.

Don’t let this discourage you from getting sterling silver items. You can maintain sterling silver’s flashy exterior by simply rubbing either a cloth or cotton on it.

There are also many liquids that are meant for cleaning sterling silver items that will make it look brand new. This will be useful if you have left sterling silver jewelry sitting around for a long time. Eventually, you will notice it to slowly tarnish.

Pure silver, on the other hand, is similar to gold where it will remain in its original condition. Although, it will react if it is around sulfur compounds in the air or water. This will create a black sulfide layer on the item.



The Silver Snake: Our Wildlife Collection

One of the most prominent wildlife symbols used throughout Native American culture is the snake and our wildlife jewelry celebrates the silver snake with beautiful and trendy pieces.

However, the lore and legends go much deeper.

Snakes in Native American Culture

Many people see snakes as deadly creates which has given them a bad reputation.

Within various Native American tribes, there has been a positive significance. The snake has been a symbol of healing since their skin is constantly shedding, a form of rebirth in the Ojibwa tribe and fertility within the Pueblo tribe.

The Hopi tribe has a story where a winged Snake had the ability to communicate with the Earth element.

The story created an annual dance to honor the snake because it is seen as their “brothers” and are the guardians of springs. The Hopi tribe relies on the snake to bring rain from the underworld.

Snake Symbol

The presence of a snake can rattle anyone up. Its appearance is not the best but it’s where your instincts would be put to work.

Even though the appearance of a snake can end in a life or death situation, their significance will change your depiction of the creature.

In ancient times, snakes were seen as a symbol of life, change, and longevity but the most important one is personal growth.

Snakes are always shedding and that is a symbolic way to show the transformation in oneself. With that, snakes are a spiritual guide for renewal for evident reasons.

The Silver Snake: Our Wildlife Collection

Our wildlife collection has a variety of animals that have important and symbolic meanings within the Native American culture, as read above. Embrace their culture and symbolic meaning by wearing some of the jewelry we have.

The silver snake pieces can be worn to make any outfit edgier and are perfect for any occasion.

If you are a ring wear, you can sport either the Viper ring that will caress your finger, the double-banded Viper ring or the minimal Viper ring – which that’s perfect for couples.

There’s also the snake cuff or two pendants you can choose from the gothic cross or the bare snake.

But if you decide to steer away from the jewelry, there’s also a keychain that clasps around your belt or handles to make sure you never lose your keys.





Handmade Silver Jewelry: Feathers Jewelry Meaning

Handmade silver jewelry in the form of feathers is not just a fashion piece of a statement. Feather jewelry has much deeper meaning. It represents the limitless freedom of the birds, spiritualism, and lightness.

Handmade Silver Jewelry inspired by the Native American tribes is quite popular in the past several seasons. Native Americans used feathers in their ceremonies as a symbol of gratitude towards nature.

Feathers are also a symbol of fertility; Native American women were often decorating their jewelry with feathers for this reason.


Spiritual people are especially fond of feathers. They claim that feathers are ‘messages’ from beyond, from our loved ones that passed away; ‘messages’ from the Universe that we are on the right track.

In the jewelry world, feathers are incredibly popular in the past few years, in the form of headpieces, rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

If you are a free spirit who loves the bohemian style and are in love with jewelry inspired by the Native Americans, then the handcrafted work of Fang Jewelry will leave you speechless. This is an old-school handmade silver jewelry, crafted without the use of machines.

We talk about one of a kind, unique handcrafted pieces by the talented artist Liang Fang who is in love with the process of creating silver and gold jewelry, with an accent of the bohemian and Native American inspired jewelry style.

Carefully designed to be gentle and yet outstanding, Fang’s silver and golden feathers come in various sizes and are often decorated with colorful gemstones. This artist pays great attention to details. His handmade silver jewelry, especially the feathers are perfectly designed, and they seem more realistic than anything else you have seen so far.

No matter if you are a young woman who adores wearing bohemian accessories inspired by the Native Americans, a business woman who loves to give an accent to her formal outfits or a guy who appreciates manly and meaningful jewelry in the form of necklaces, rings or bracelets, Fang jewelry has a rich offer of anything you want.

Feathers are usually associated with gentle jewelry for the ladies, but it is not always the case. Masculine silver rings decorated with hand-crafted silver feathers or a silver feather necklace are ideal for the stylish men.

Fang Jewelry creates a magical world of silver, gold and rose gold jewelry. His feather pendants, bracelet, necklaces, rings, and earrings are created with love, passion, talent and immense dedication.

Men and women can find amazing handmade jewelry here.  Are you already in love with the feather jewelry? Purchase all handmade silver jewelry in Fang Jewelry’s website: Here you can order something from the rich offer of his seamlessly handmade miracles.

Contact the artist and ask for a special order, designed and created just for you.