Why You Should Buy Silver Jewelry

There are many different types of metals you can buy when choosing jewelry. But silver is the type you want to go for. There are many different reasons why silver jewelry is the best options for you. Aside from having endless options at Fang Jewelry, here is why you should buy silver jewelry.

Horseshoe Nail Ring

1. Highlights the rock

Unlike gold, silver is the best when it comes to highlighting all types of rocks. It has the ability to make any crystal, diamonds or gemstone like no other metal can.

With that, it makes your money worth spending. If you get a piece that does has a rock on it, you would want the focus to go on it. Therefore, silver would not over-shine the rock.

2. Cheaper to buy

Silver is amongst one of the cheaper metals that still have a chic look to it. In comparison to gold, which has often been used in luxurious pieces, it has taken a downfall.

Many sellers are trading in gold for silver, which is not just cheaper for them, but cheaper for you as well. High-end brands, like Tiffany’s, are starting to incorporate silver jewelry in their collection.

3. Weighs less

Aside from being cheaper, silver jewelry also light-weight. This makes it much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Also, it is super beneficial in the future, especially when it comes to wearing earrings or necklaces. When ear pieces are too heavy and worn for years, the earhole can stretch. Similarly, neck pain can be caused when necklaces are too heavy.

Silver Feather Earrings

4. Resilient

Whether it is fine or sterling silver, these pieces are much more durable and resilient. Again, this will make it worth buying since it is guaranteed it will last longer.

In relation to gold, gold is softer and has a higher risk of bending, warping, and gouging.

5. True to color

Silver jewelry compliments all colors, like the color of your clothes and skin complexion. Gold can alter the color of your clothes which will set a negative impact on the hue. With skin complexion, gold often washes out those with warmer undertones causing an off-set yellow tone.

Silver jewelry will also enhance and complement colors, whether it’s from your clothes or skin complexion.


History of Native American Jewelry

Here at Fang Jewelry, we dedicate our collections to Native American culture specifically the Navajo Tribe.  Since Native American jewelry has become common in this generation, one should be educated on how Native American jewelry began. So when you’re wearing this type of jewelry at festivals, you know the history of it.

History on Native American Jewelry

Throughout history, people from all over the world have been making jewelry and adornments and Native Americans were no different. The majority of this jewelry is rooted back to the southwest of the United States.

Before silver, the majority of Native American jewelry was made of yarn, leather, and sinew. These materials were woven into patterns to create necklaces, bracelets, and clothing. Also, the unique and appealing item of nature were used.

In the late 1800s, that is when Native Americans began making jewelry with silver. This occurred when they encountered the Spaniards where they exchanged jewelry, ornaments for horses and other trinkets.

Usage of Gold

The usage of gold traces back to Aztec times within the natives of Mexico and Central America, it’s believed that the indigenous communities in the southwest used this metal as well.

It could be that the Native American knew how to use metals before the Spaniards arrived.

Usage of Turquoise

Each tribe was unique from one another but one common thing was the usage of beaded turquoise jewelry.

Turquoise and shell were paired with feathers and hung everywhere. The jewelry was traced over 2,3oo years ago in Arizona during the Hohokam era.

The reason turquoise was used so much was because of the power the stone had and all the legends that came with it. The Pima thought the stone brought good fortune and can overcome illnesses. In Hopi legend, the stone held back floods. The Apache believed it could make a gun or arrow shoot straight if the stone was on it. And the Navajo tribe considered it to bring good fortune and would appease the Wind Spirit.


What is Oxidized Sterling Silver?

Here at Fang Jewelry, we make unique pieces of jewelry customized for you. The variety of jewelry we make is with brass and gold but the majority of our collection consists of silver or sterling silver. We offer our customer the choice of getting their silver oxidized too. If you are not sure what oxidized sterling silver is or if it’s worth getting, we have your answers.

Oxidized Sterling Silver

With silver jewelry, the coat is polished and cleaned multiple times to make it sparkle. It has a clean and chic appearance but with oxidized silver, it is a bit different.

When a piece undergoes oxidization, the jewelry becomes exposed to oxygen in a pressurized environment for a long period of time. This gives it a darker coat on top of the jewelry which then gives it an antique and tarnished appearance. From purposely exposing the piece to silver sulfide, the dark patches appear.

Oxidized vs. Non-Oxidized

The antique and tarnished appearance can make you skeptical of getting an oxidized piece. You might question if it will last as long as the chic and shiny sterling silver.

The perks of getting oxidized sterling silver are that you won’t have to worry so much about taking care of it. Oxidized sterling silver is not impacted by tarnish as much. If anything, it will add on to the antique look it already has. It can also be left in any type of environment.

With pure silver or sterling silver, you have to constant polish it to prevent it from tarnishing. And if you want it to maintain in pristine condition, it’s best to keep it in special silver containers and keep it away from large amounts of oxygen.

Tired of the Oxidized Look?

The good thing about silver sulfide is that it can be removed from oxidized sterling silver if you want. There are erosive polishes that can remove silver sulfide from the surface and restore its shine. The only issue is that it can remove some of the piece’s original coat. There are also other polishes the reverse the chemical reaction that turns the silver sulfide back into shiny silver.

Why You Need Two-Toned Jewelry

As two-toned jewelry has always been a part of fashion, you might wonder why it is being sold more. It is neither silver, gold or even rose gold – it is a combination of different colors and that is why it’s so ideal. Here is why you need two-toned jewelry in your jewelry box.

It Saves You Money

One of the main reasons you need two-toned jewelry is because it will save you more money than you think. You might be a person that needs a bracelet in every color because when it comes to accessorizing, you can’t clash different color jewelry.

So instead of buying one bracelet in every color, you can simply buy one that has two tones. That will save you the extra money you originally intended on spending.

You Can Wear More Jewelry

Two-toned jewelry not only will save you money but let you combine much more jewelry. With two-tones, you won’t need to worry about having multiple colors because that’s how your jewelry was originally designed.

Regardless of whether your accessories are gold or white, you can still wear your two-toned ring without an issue and it won’t clash.

It Highlights the Design of Your Jewelry

Some colors are made to highlight certain stones and designs. When a piece of jewelry is one color, stones and designs can get lost in the color. The similarity throughout the jewelry tends to wash away what makes the piece so special.

When having two-tones, certain features are emphasized because of the contrast between the colors. The stones will pop out or the curves and the halo of the piece will be seen.

You can see in our collection how the details stand out because these pieces of jewelry consist of two colors.


In contrast to being able to wear more jewelry, you can also take it to a minimal scale. You can rock multiple colors without wearing too much. Aside from having a clean look while being able to wear multiple colors, your space will also be clean of accessorial clutter.

Always Keeping It Trendy

Two-toned jewelry will always be in style so why not stay in style with it?

You might see gold jewelry become less popular in today’s day and age but that doesn’t mean it’s less relevant. Regardless of the color, when it comes to two-tones jewelry, any color works well together.

The Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver

The majority of our collection consists of both silver and sterling silver jewelry and accessories. But many people tend to interchange both silver and sterling silver when in reality, both metals are completely different. The difference between silver and sterling silver is important to be conscious of for it will determine how your jewelry will look in the long-run.

Pure Silver

When an item is considered to be pure silver, or in some cases, fine silver, it is made up of 99.9% silver content. You will be able to determine when an item is a pure silver if it is stamped with either 999, 9.99 or .999 which indicates how much silver it has per hundred or per thousand parts.

You will also notice the difference with silver because it is a bit pricier than sterling silver and here’s why.

Sterling Silver

Unlike pure silver, sterling silver is an alloy. This means that it has silver but also other metals in its substance. Sterling silver usually consists of about 92.5% pure silver and 7.5%, or sometimes more, of other types of metals. These other metals are usually copper, nickel or zinc.

Due to the mixture of other metals, sterling silver is much rougher than pure silver. This makes it common to create daily-used items with sterling silver, like forks, knives, spoons and many other items.

Tarnishing Factors

Between pure silver and sterling silver, sterling silver items will tarnish and lose its luster much quicker. Since sterling silver is an alloy, it is much more sensitive to air and water which will then make it lose its pristine condition and coloring.

Don’t let this discourage you from getting sterling silver items. You can maintain sterling silver’s flashy exterior by simply rubbing either a cloth or cotton on it.

There are also many liquids that are meant for cleaning sterling silver items that will make it look brand new. This will be useful if you have left sterling silver jewelry sitting around for a long time. Eventually, you will notice it to slowly tarnish.

Pure silver, on the other hand, is similar to gold where it will remain in its original condition. Although, it will react if it is around sulfur compounds in the air or water. This will create a black sulfide layer on the item.



Handmade Silver Jewelry: Creative Process

Handmade silver jewelry goes through a long and creative process. Fang Jewelry creates some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of silver handmade jewelry. Inspired by the Native Americans.


For all curious souls out there, this is how the creative process of handmade jewelry looks like. Fang Jewelry studio is located in New York City and the talented artist Liang Fang devotedly works on creating original pieces of silver jewelry.


A handmade silver jewelry goes through a long way before it becomes a lovely piece of silver feather pendant or a necklace. This is how it looks during the carving process. It is just a simple silver bar that slowly turns into something that resembles a feather. With the manual tools and the talented hands of the artist, the silver bar slowly changes its shape. This is called the carving process. Every millimeter is important, that is why Fang Jewelry looks so realistic.

The carving process in its first phase looks like this. It resembles a fossil, but soon Fang will create a magnificent piece of art. The silver bar is carved in the feather shape and every piece of it is done slowly and with great discipline.

From a simple “drawing” carved directly on the silver bar to an actual feather shape. It may seem easy but it takes much more work than you can imagine. Before Fang continues with the further process, the feather shape must be cut off.

Fang spends hours and hours on his work. Carving, cutting, shaping, adjusting… Everything is done with love. Handmade jewelry is so special because it contains human energy, time and dedication. Fang’s jewelry uniqueness speaks for itself.

A simple silver bar on the way to become a lovely piece of a large necklace, a ring or a bracelet. As a result to his hard work and dedication to his work, Fang slowly becomes a recognizable name on the market and among people who appreciate handmade silver jewelry inspired by the Native American culture.

After the long carving and cutting process, the final product looks like this. People who proudly wear Fang Jewelry know for sure that they have a unique piece created with a lot of love and devotion.

Now you know that all your favorite pieces of silver handmade jewelry you check on Fang’s Etsy Store are going through a long creative process. From a simple silver bar to a lovely final product. Fang Jewelry creates all his items by hand. Check out Fang’s Etsy store for more – https://www.etsy.com/shop/fangjewelrystudio




Handmade Silver Jewelry: Feathers Jewelry Meaning

Handmade silver jewelry in the form of feathers is not just a fashion piece of a statement. Feather jewelry has much deeper meaning. It represents the limitless freedom of the birds, spiritualism, and lightness.

Handmade Silver Jewelry inspired by the Native American tribes is quite popular in the past several seasons. Native Americans used feathers in their ceremonies as a symbol of gratitude towards nature.

Feathers are also a symbol of fertility; Native American women were often decorating their jewelry with feathers for this reason.


Spiritual people are especially fond of feathers. They claim that feathers are ‘messages’ from beyond, from our loved ones that passed away; ‘messages’ from the Universe that we are on the right track.

In the jewelry world, feathers are incredibly popular in the past few years, in the form of headpieces, rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

If you are a free spirit who loves the bohemian style and are in love with jewelry inspired by the Native Americans, then the handcrafted work of Fang Jewelry will leave you speechless. This is an old-school handmade silver jewelry, crafted without the use of machines.

We talk about one of a kind, unique handcrafted pieces by the talented artist Liang Fang who is in love with the process of creating silver and gold jewelry, with an accent of the bohemian and Native American inspired jewelry style.

Carefully designed to be gentle and yet outstanding, Fang’s silver and golden feathers come in various sizes and are often decorated with colorful gemstones. This artist pays great attention to details. His handmade silver jewelry, especially the feathers are perfectly designed, and they seem more realistic than anything else you have seen so far.

No matter if you are a young woman who adores wearing bohemian accessories inspired by the Native Americans, a business woman who loves to give an accent to her formal outfits or a guy who appreciates manly and meaningful jewelry in the form of necklaces, rings or bracelets, Fang jewelry has a rich offer of anything you want.

Feathers are usually associated with gentle jewelry for the ladies, but it is not always the case. Masculine silver rings decorated with hand-crafted silver feathers or a silver feather necklace are ideal for the stylish men.

Fang Jewelry creates a magical world of silver, gold and rose gold jewelry. His feather pendants, bracelet, necklaces, rings, and earrings are created with love, passion, talent and immense dedication.

Men and women can find amazing handmade jewelry here.  Are you already in love with the feather jewelry? Purchase all handmade silver jewelry in Fang Jewelry’s website: https://www.fangjewelry.com/. Here you can order something from the rich offer of his seamlessly handmade miracles.

Contact the artist and ask for a special order, designed and created just for you.