Finding the Perfect Unisex Jewelry

The unisex trend has been making a huge hit this past year. Tons of brands are making neutral style clothing and at Fang Jewelry, we have you covered with unisex jewelry. Whether you are looking for pieces that compliment any outfit or you want to swap with your significant other, unisex jewelry is that way to go.

Silver Pinky Ring

Perfecting the Unisex Trend

In order to make sure the piece is perfect, there are many things to consider. Here are a few tips to make sure you are happy with your unisex jewelry.

1. Simplicity is Key

The simpler the piece, the better it will be for both sexes. If getting a piece with too much detail, it can be seen as too feminine. On the other hand, if it is very big and chunky, it can be too masculine. Your safest bet would be to get something simple – a minimal piece.

2. Keeping it Minimal

As mentioned, unisex jewelry works best when it is minimal. The less there is to it, the more you can do with the pieces. Although minimal pieces work best when it is layered, to achieve the unisex trend – one must keep it simple.

3. Mix and Match

There was much emphasis on keeping jewelry simple to master the unisex look but there are ways to step out the box. You can go with colors that compliment one another or silhouettes that are similar. If the ensemble is simple, it will prevent it from getting lost in outfits that are bold.

4. Neutrals

Colors are very important when it comes to finding unisex jewelry. Ever since we are born, there are certain colors that symbolize each sex. There are colors that are meant for both sexes – the neutrals. These colors can go with the sexes and when it comes to jewelry, sticking with neutral tones is best. The colors consist of browns, bronzes, and blacks. So if you want jewelry with certain features, be considerate of the color.

Engraved Silver Band