Turquoise in Navajo Culture

The turquoise gemstone holds a special significance in Native American culture but especially within the Navajo tribe. Turquoise, or doo tl’izh ii, is considered as the “stone of life”. It is popular amongst the Navajo community because of its jewelry but it does have a long history. Up until this day, the gemstone is valued for its scarcity, beauty and also, its historical significance.

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Turquoise and Navajo Culture

The gemstone was seen to bring good fortune. It would be stored in baskets and hung up from ceilings to keep away any evil. Additionally, the Navajo people would put the gemstone around the outside of their homes for that reason.

The belief of its good fortune made it common for people to carry it with them, like warrior and hunters. Eventually, its day-to-day usage turned the gemstone into jewelry to keep its energy around people.

Rituals and Ceremonies

With it’s good energy, it was often used in rituals and ceremonies. There’s a Native American legend that says turquoise was made from the tears of people. When the skies would open up and rain after a long drought, the tears of people would go into the Earth to make the gemstone.

Aside from that, the gemstone was the center of many spiritual observances. One piece was often put into a river after saying a prayer to the god of rain, Neinilii. Often times, the gemstone was connected to rain where people would use sticks with turquoise attached to find water.

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Homage to Navajo Jewelry

Due to the scarcity of this gemstone’s jewelry, it’s only right to invest in authentic Navajo jewelry. To understand its cultural context will give you a better understanding as to why you should invest only in authenticity.

Supporting authentic Navajo turquoise jewelry is to know the history and craft.

History of Native American Jewelry

Here at Fang Jewelry, we dedicate our collections to Native American culture specifically the Navajo Tribe.  Since Native American jewelry has become common in this generation, one should be educated on how Native American jewelry began. So when you’re wearing this type of jewelry at festivals, you know the history of it.

History on Native American Jewelry

Throughout history, people from all over the world have been making jewelry and adornments and Native Americans were no different. The majority of this jewelry is rooted back to the southwest of the United States.

Before silver, the majority of Native American jewelry was made of yarn, leather, and sinew. These materials were woven into patterns to create necklaces, bracelets, and clothing. Also, the unique and appealing item of nature were used.

In the late 1800s, that is when Native Americans began making jewelry with silver. This occurred when they encountered the Spaniards where they exchanged jewelry, ornaments for horses and other trinkets.

Usage of Gold

The usage of gold traces back to Aztec times within the natives of Mexico and Central America, it’s believed that the indigenous communities in the southwest used this metal as well.

It could be that the Native American knew how to use metals before the Spaniards arrived.

Usage of Turquoise

Each tribe was unique from one another but one common thing was the usage of beaded turquoise jewelry.

Turquoise and shell were paired with feathers and hung everywhere. The jewelry was traced over 2,3oo years ago in Arizona during the Hohokam era.

The reason turquoise was used so much was because of the power the stone had and all the legends that came with it. The Pima thought the stone brought good fortune and can overcome illnesses. In Hopi legend, the stone held back floods. The Apache believed it could make a gun or arrow shoot straight if the stone was on it. And the Navajo tribe considered it to bring good fortune and would appease the Wind Spirit.


Turquoise Gemstone: The Gemstone Collection

The color turquoise will instantly catch the attention of the human eye since it is such a vibrant blue-green color. When you put it on a piece of jewelry, there’s no doubt that the gemstone will make the piece look even more beautiful. But the turquoise gemstone has much significance than its beauty, especially within the Native American culture.

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Turquoise Gemstone History

The turquoise gemstone is man’s oldest stone. With that, it has a long history of energy that it has been providing to people across the globe.

This gemstone is one of the most prized stones and has the power to protect from harm, strengthen, bring luck and have the connection to the spirit world. This is why many warriors, kings, and shamans have worn it and kept it close to them.

Aside from that, it has been considered a powerful metaphysical healing stone within many different cultures. The Native American, the Tibetans and also the Egyptians have considered it to carry great healing powers.

Physical Healing

The turquoise gemstone is known as a strengthen stone which can heal a person in various aspects. From exhaustion, depression or panic attacks, the stone enhances the physical and psychic immune system, supports the gathering of nutrients in the body and alleviates viral infections.

Emotional Healing

Turquoise is known as the most efficient healer as it enhances and benefits the mood and emotional as a whole. Since it brings balance, it also brings a sense of peace and serenity.

Since turquoise is a stone of purification, it will lift saggy spirit which will then take off stress and bring a focus to the center of the heart. All negative energy will be dismissed when you either wear or hold turquoise.

Turquoise Gemstone Energy

Turquoise has always been thought to unite both the Earth and the sky, bring male and female energy together. It ignites the initiation of romantic love but is believed to change color to warn of danger or alert acts of unfaithful action or thoughts.

The stone also helps a person see all aspects of him or herself, both the good and the bad, and unify these aspects to create a whole.

Turquoise As a Gift

When the turquoise stone is given to you as a gift, it will protect from a negative energy and bring good luck. Turquoise will also provide peace to your home and bring balance.

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