The Eagle: The Wildlife Collection

The eagle can be seen in the mythology of many Native American tribes. It is considered a medicine bird that has many powers and is important in many religious ceremonies. Eagles are the king of all birds due to its size but are still graceful when it flies. This creates the first symbolic meaning of the bird and what it stands for.

The Eagle’s Symbolic Meaning

When it comes to the symbolic meanings the Eagle contributes, the majority of it relates to its body. How the eagle uses its body, the meaning is seen and reflected on how it relates to human life and situations.

Although eagles are large, it still has an effortless essence in its habitat. The Native Americans learned about perception where one should never judge a book by its cover. Additionally, to never get disillusioned by our limitation. The eagle might be big but it still soars, therefore, nothing is too grand to overcome and conquer.

Aside from its size, the eagle gives a different perspective literally. Since it is able to fly, it gives an aerial view on life and makes people realize the various ways we need to look at life as well. This deeper meaning allows people to reevaluate their issues and how to handle them.

Eagles might be the king of all birds but it is not the most skilled hunting bird. Nonetheless, it is praised for its opportunistic ways when looking for food. The wisdom and techniques of eagles give a lesson to work smarter, not harder.

The Eagle: The Wildlife Collection

At Fang Jewelry, our eagle collection consists of various pieces that can add the essence that the bird has. Our collection has delicate and minimal pieces that embrace the graceful spirit of the bird. You can also find bold and powerful pieces, qualities the eagle also have.

The Bat Jewelry: Our Wildlife Collection

Bats are unappealing animals. It makes disturbing noises at night and is simply unattractive. Its nocturnal habits make people afraid of the animal; however, the Native Americans noticed its symbolic meaning.

Bats in Native American Culture

Native Americans saw the world as being connected and realized that having fear of a bat is similar to having fear of their own people.

Bats are keen observers especially at night, and it became an emblem of guidance through the darkness. With its guidance, the bat was able to teach people how to “see” through hearing. Not only that, but its energy allowed people to not always believe what he or she “saw”.

Also, due to its high sensitivity level, it has been a symbol for intuition, dreaming and vision. Because of this, bats became a powerful symbol with Native American shamans and medicine people.

Shamanism, Medicine and Bats

The spirit of a bat was called forth when special energy was needed, “night vision.” This allowed one to see through illusion or ambiguity and get the truth directly.

Bat Symbol

Bats are the most misunderstood animal. Many people believe that bats are a symbol for death and the underworld since it comes out at night but in reality, it is the complete opposite.

Instead of death, bats are seen as a symbol of rebirth and new beginning since it lives in the “belly” of the Earth – caves. From the womb-like caves, it appears at night and is reborn every evening.

Since bats are correlated to death, it wouldn’t come to mind that they are cuddly creatures. Bats are very nurturing and social creatures within its own species.

Due to their warm nature, bats come to remind people to not judge a book by its cover.

The Bat: Our Wildlife Collection

Now that you have learned the true meaning of bats, our bat wildlife collection has a variety of pieces that has taken the animal and either has given it a softer or edgier look.

Add these bats to a chain you already own or wear these nurturing creatures on your ears.