Tips on Wearing Bold Jewelry

Throughout this year, minimalism has become the trend in fashion. People are wearing less while still saying more. But here at Fang Jewelry, we are here to say that bold statement pieces are still essential. Here are a few tips on making sure you wear your bold jewelry without doing too much.

Silver Spoon Bangle

How to Wear Bold Jewelry

1. Simplicity is key

When it comes to bold pieces, it is important to keep it the main focus. For that reason, simplicity is key when it comes to the rest of your outfit. If you wear clothing that has too much going on, it takes away from your bold pieces. This can cause an outfit to have too much going on, which isn’t the best.

Stay away from overly patterned or sequins and alter for something classic like a black dress. The most ideal way to think of it is, your clothes are the canvas and your bold jewelry is the paint.

2. Let bold pieces make the outfit

Bold pieces were made for one thing – to make a statement. The pieces are supposed to bring an outfit together and complete it so pay attention to what kind of look you want to go for.

If you are trying to go for a polished look, delicate pieces are the way to go like pearls. Going for a bohemian look? Beads and colorful pieces are the best options to complete your look.

3. Pick and choose

It is important to pick and choose which pieces you wear at once. Bold pieces should be able to be bold, hence the name. Although bold pieces should be worn one at a time, it is possible to wear multiple at once. What you must be conscious of is not wearing too many close to each other or else it becomes distracting.

4. Drawing attention to your hands

At Fang Jewelry, we have many bold rings that come in different styles. With that, one must be aware of how rings are worn. When it comes to bold rings or even bracelets, the attention will go to your hands. With that comes attention to your nails too. We advise you to make sure your nails are well grooms.

Just like it is best to keep an outfit simple when wearing bold jewelry, it is also best to keep nails simple as well. Too much color and patterns on nails can become a distraction to rings.



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