What is the Whirling Log?

Our collection has different symbols that are used and common within the Native American community. One of the symbols that might cause you to question what it means is the whirling log due to its negative reputation from the Nazis and World War II. In this article, we break down what the swastika represents.

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Origin of Swastika

The swastika is a religious icon used in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Indian subcontinents. The actual name means “well-being” in Sanskrit. It has been an ancient and noble symbol for stability and cosmic order. The icon is designed with clock-wise arms resembling the solar system.

The Swastika In Different Cultures

As mentioned before, the swastika can make people very uncomfortable due to the fact that it was used in such a negative connotation with the Nazis.

Since this icon has been around for many years, you can see minor changes in the appearance throughout various religions and regions of the world. Additionally, just like the Native Americans call it the whirling log, other cultures have different names.

In China, the swastika is called wan. This symbol represents prosperity and appears on the chest of Chinese depictions of Buddha.

On the other hand, Tibetans of any region will put the symbol on their home doors to protect from evil.

In Japan, the manji symbolizes the magic and mystery of the night.

The Whirling Log

The whirling log can be seen on baskets, rugs, and jewelry in Native American objects but the meaning behind it is completely different than what the Western World associates it with.

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The Navajo Myth

The Whirling Log comes from the Tsil-ol-ne story. The story talks about a hero who sets out on a long journey down the San Juan River. Although all the god try to persuade him not to go, they see his determination and help him travel down the river on a hollow log.

During his journey, many mishaps occur especially when he is caught in a whirlpool that almost took his life. Of course, the gods helped him out of the danger even and led him to shore.

Meaning Behind the Emblem

Although the swastika is seen throughout the world, it does have a core meaning where it is somewhat similar within cultures.

The whirling log is a symbol of abundance, prosperity, healing and good luck.

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